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Ofsted registration

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Sarahash1983 Mon 07-Oct-13 09:30:00


I'm currently working as a senior nursery nurse for a well established nursery
I have over 6 years of solid child are experience as well as being a mum to a 12 year old boy

However one of the parents have asked me to nanny for her two children full time. With the requirements of being ofsted registered
While applying I came across the section suitability which asked about any offences
8 years ago I was cautioned for abh as a result of a domestic between me and an ex partner
I'm really worried this will effect my application
Has anyone had any similar experiences and still been ofsted registered
I'm worried this will affect my chances of fulfilling my dream while also being able to support my family better

nannynick Mon 07-Oct-13 11:27:47

It would have come up when you took the nursery job, or have you been there a long time?
Did you have a CRB check done when you started at nursery, dig that out and look at who the registered body is on it - it may have been Ofsted or may be one of several companies. Ofsted used to do checks for all nursery staff though stopped doing it but I can't remember when.

It may mean that they ask for more information about the incident and determine risk level.

Would be up to the parent if they employed you or not.

I guess you are level3 or higher qualified as in a senior role, have done paediatric first aid and it is still in date (renewal every 3 years), so you will just need nanny insurance to meet Ofsted home child carer requirements. Worth putting in the application and seeing what happens. Will cost a bit though, £103 Ofsted, around £60 for DBS, then around £70 for nanny insurance.

Sarahash1983 Mon 07-Oct-13 13:14:10

This happened 8 years ago so it did come up when I took the job
However after explaining the situation the manager at the time said it was ok
This happened too while I was studying and my tutor at the time said it should t affect me as it was jus a caution
I have not received any offences since
I spoke to ofsted this morning and they said their decision goes on marit really and that they would prob want to know more information before making their decision
I jus worry ill end up with no job if I take the risk an hand my notice in

nannynick Mon 07-Oct-13 14:08:30

Do not hand notice in until you have a contract for new job.
Make sure the parents know their legal responsibilities, for example have the factored in the cost of Employers NI and running payroll. See other threads on here about cost of having a nanny. They are new to this like you so you need to help point them in the right direction for information.
Have they told you a salary yet?
Check your current terms of employment, are you allowed to work for a parent who has used the nursery within a certain time period. Parents should check their contract with the nursery as well.
Is this nanny job likely to be long term? What would happen once eldest child starts school?
If the parents need you to be Ofsted registered that may take a while, you can start the registration process at anytime as long as you have the money.

Sarahash1983 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:44:51

Yes iv already discussed all that with parents and checked with nursery about working with parents
Jus seems getting registered and being accepted due to my caution is the only issue ATM

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