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Thoughts please on this difficult situation with our childcare

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SuperDuperTrooper Thu 19-Sep-13 22:27:26

My 20 month DS has been going to his childminder since 9 months old. This week she had booked a holiday so put us in touch with her childminding friend who agreed to look after DS for the week. This friend had already had met our DS on a number of occasions as they have all been out on day trips together although DH and I hadn't met her before.

Anyway, on Wednesday I was off work and looked after DS myself. I noticed a big bruised lump coming up under his chin. I couldn't think of any time where this could have happened in my care. I was fairly confident in the fact that the new childminder would have let me know if he'd had an accident in her care. However, on Tuesday she had a school run to do. DS was asleep at school run time so she left him at her house in the care of her 2 grown up children (approx 18yrs and 22yrs). This wasn't agreed by us in advance and, although I felt slightly uncomfortable when she told me she had done that, I accepted it and made nothing of it. So it then occurs to me that perhaps DS hurt himself when left during the school run. So this evening my husband gently asks if there was any chance that DS hurt himself when she was out on that run. She said it couldnt have as he pnly woke up when she got back home. 3 hours later (9pm tonight) we get a text saying she is not willing to look after DS anymore after being accused of not caring for him properly etc. I called her straight away but she didn't pick up so I left an apologetic message stating we weren't accusing her of neglecting DS but just simply asking a question.

Now we are left without childcare tomorrow which is a problem. My biggest gripe though is how it feels as though I should not have asked what I felt was a simple question to try and fathom how my child got injured. I personally feel she has over reacted and made something out of nothing. Surely in 15 years of childminding we can't be the first parents to ask about an injury that may have occurred under her care?

So just wondering what others make of this and how we should proceed? She clearly doesn't want to discuss it so do I post her fees through her letterbox and let it go? What would you do?

insancerre Sat 21-Sep-13 13:11:17

Legally, and morally, the CM is responsible for your child whilst in her care.
She should not abdicate that care to any other person.
I would actually be considerring reporting this cm if I were the op as she has acted illegally, and has breached serious safeguarding issues.
First, your child has an injury that is unexplained.
Secondly, your child has been left with complete strangers, who are probably not registered as cms or covered by insurance.
The cm needs to know that this is unacceptable and if that entails a surprise visit by OFSTED, then good.
Why should everyone have to abide by the law, except her?

Mandysname Sat 21-Sep-13 23:31:05

I agree, you have shown a lot of compassion to someone who was paid to csre for your child, but left him with someone else (no matter who it is). Breach of contract if nothing else. Add in the bruise...of course you have to challenge it....Not sue I would have been as calm as you. X

OutragedFromLeeds Sat 21-Sep-13 23:43:55

If her children are registered as assistants then she has done nothing wrong.

ins Do you know the childminder? You seem very sure that her children aren't registered assistants.

Mandy It does matter who she left him with. If it's an Oftsed registered assistant, then she has done nothing wrong. If they're not registered it's a completely different issue.

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