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Childminder Poss Not Registered are we being paranoid !

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picklebumplum Sat 21-Sep-13 18:15:05

Ask the childminder for her ofsted number it begins with a EY this was you can search for her on thr ofsted website.

Another option, contact your councils early years team they will be able to confirm if she is registered you will need to give her name and address

pinkdelight Sat 21-Sep-13 18:08:31

Is she just doing before / after school? As opposed to full time childminding? Am not condoning it at all, but know there are several women who do that at local primaries who aren't registered and just see it as a bit of a job for a few extra quid a week. Sounds like your lady was thinking along those lines. I met a very similar lady when I was looking for someone to do pickups. She was crb checked too, as she helped out in school, but she wasn't registered and would never have gone to that trouble as she got enough work without it. I didn't use her as I worried about stuff like insurance, but I know people who are fine about it.

insancerre Thu 19-Sep-13 07:38:43

ring her and ask for her OFSTED registration number, her URN- she has to have one if she is registered, say you need it for the child tax people
if she can't give it- then she is illegal and you should stay clear
if she gives it then check her latest
but, it is a condition of registration that she displays her registration certificate and her insurance certificate

Runoutofideas Thu 19-Sep-13 07:31:36

It sounds to me like the lady is just starting out, but doesn't even realise that she has to be registered. She certainly doesn't sound as though she has jumped through all the hoops required to start childminding legally. Understanding tax credits and vouchers is a different matter and it can be quite complicated. I have been minding for 18 months and don't have any families who use tax credits, but they do use childcare vouchers and I have had to register with 4 different suppliers.
If I were your sister I would steer well clear. She won't be able to claim her tax credits, but more importantly the lady may not have received appropriate training, or be insured should anything happen to the child.

Cindy34 Wed 18-Sep-13 22:50:05

Tax credits would need the providers registration number wouldn't they? So your sister will need to get that from the childminder and should ask to see the registration certificate as that will have the registration number on it.

34DD Wed 18-Sep-13 22:46:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kangarooshoes Wed 18-Sep-13 18:39:25

You're in England, right?

blondieminx Tue 17-Sep-13 23:51:49

I agree there are alarm bells ringing here. Mumsnet have produced a guide to choosing a childminder and you can search to see whether the lady is registered by checking on the Ofsted website (scroll down to the bottom of the screen).

IrisWildthyme Tue 17-Sep-13 23:22:15

Definitely agree about all these alarm bells - I would not choose this woman for childcare myself. Obviously she has to start somewhere but that somewhere should include being clued up on legalities and financial stuff!

34DD Tue 17-Sep-13 23:15:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

looneytune Tue 17-Sep-13 23:06:12

I'd be very concerned about her looking blank about the certificate. If she's just starting out she'll have just had a certificate!!! It is a legal requirement to have the certificate on display somewhere during hours of working, I thought it was for insurance too but not sure. As for vouchers/tax credits, hmmm, I registered over 8 years ago and didn't know about all that to start with but I'm not sure if it's because they weren't as popular back then? I wouldn't let that bit alone concern me to be honest but yes, she needs to be registered for your sis to be able to use them. Tax Credits is different to vouchers. If you're telling tax credits that you pay childcare then I believe you provide the Cms Ofsted Reg number but the childminder doesn't get involved. Childcare vouchers are to do with the parent's employer and it's up to the childminder to register with whichever scheme they are using. A CM doesn't have to accept these btw, it's up to them. So I'd get your dsis to phone CM and say she needs to have her Ofsted Reg number for this reason and if they don't give it then she knows to take it no further. Has the CM gone through policies and procedures with your sis? Just trying to get a feel for whether or not she seems legit as I would expect anyone registered to have these in place.

Wereonourway Tue 17-Sep-13 22:57:59

But I also believe ofsted certificate must be visible, or at the very least visible

Wereonourway Tue 17-Sep-13 22:56:58

Check on ofsted website re registration. An sure there's a phone number or at least a search option.

If you mean your sis will claim costs back via tax credits then yes cm would need to be registered with either ofsted it local authority

Vouchers are a separate thing to tax credits but I believe childcarer must also be registered by ofsted or a local authority.

34DD Tue 17-Sep-13 22:52:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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