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When do you pay your AP?

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Mendi Thu 29-Aug-13 10:02:23

Our first ever AP is arriving tonight. When we were discussing terms I said I would pay her each week in arrears, so I was thinking that I will say to her that I will pay her each week on Friday (starting next Friday).

But is this a bit unfair because she won't have any money for the coming week? Should I give her a little cash up front?

Just feeling quite nervous about making it all work. I have got her a few "welcome" things, made her room nice, got new bedding etc. What should I be doing with her in the first week to make her feel at home and comfortable? She has already joined the local Facebook AP page.

verap Thu 29-Aug-13 12:13:53

I pay in arrears every Friday.

She will probably have some money from home and most likely not do much in the first week anyway.

I have a new au-pair coming this Saturday so feel nervous too.
Apart from making her room welcoming and taking plenty of time to show her everything I dont think that there's much else you can do.

What is the local facebook ap page?

verap Thu 29-Aug-13 12:22:13

Someone already posted this link before, you may find some things useful:

Mendi Thu 29-Aug-13 14:13:17

Hi verap, I saw your other thread. I hope your new AP is more successful.

The Facebook AP page is a group for nannies and APs in your area, most areas have one. If you put "[your town] nannies and au pairs" in the search bar, it should come up. Then your AP can find some local friends.

LtGreggs Thu 29-Aug-13 14:18:29

I used to pay on a Friday, by standing order (once they had a UK bank account sorted) to avoid forgetting. Any expenses etc settled either in cash or by extra bank payment if a larger amount.

Last AP plucked up courage to ask if I could change payment to Thurs instead, as it helped her to have cash for weekend activities smile

MrsDibble Tue 10-Sep-13 21:43:33

I pay in advance on Mondays. Never had any problems with this arrangement.

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