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Recruiting a nanny -questions

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KittenCaboodle Thu 15-Aug-13 21:55:01

I am returning to work 3 days a week from January. Because we have 4 dcs, and will need fairly long hours (7.30-6) and flexibility round school-aged children and their various activities, a nanny seems the best option for us. I feel quite excited about going out to work regularly again, and am also looking forward to welcoming the right person into our home. It will actually be lovely for dh and I to have some support with the dcs, as we have nolocal family. However, I feel a complete novice, and am rather daunted by the idea of actually recruiting the person! Can you give me some advice?

How do I write a good advert and what should it cover? What would a nanny want to know about us? The dcs are 8, 6, 3 and 1. The oldest two are at school, the 3 year old does 15hrs at nursery, including normal school hours on two of the nanny's days.

What duties are normal? Obviously the main thing is keeping the children well looked after smile. She will need to prepare their lunches/dinners, and it would be just wonderful if she did some of their laundry! What else do I need to specify, or might vary from one family to another?

How do I best settle a 17 month old with her? I don't want to just hand her over screaming to a stranger, as having been cared for since birth just by us that seems harsh. Yet, I know one of the massive benefits of a nanny will be that one stable person she can love. I just want to do it right. When should I advertise? How long overlap to let the children get to know her (especially given Christmas will get in the way)?

Who decides what she cooks? The dcs can be fussy hmm. I'd love not to have to do ever so detailed menu planning, but then how do we organise shopping? How will she know what they'll eat? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I guess everyone has things they worry about, and this is one of mine.

What goes in a contract? What makes a good employer?

So many questions! Thank you for any ideas you're happy to share.

Cindy34 Fri 16-Aug-13 00:14:09

Advert should include the hours, days, location, gross salary (stating specifically that it is gross, not net - see other threads about net vs gross pay), if you need someone who is a driver, if you do need a driver, do you need them to use their own car.

The car issue could be a problem with 4 children, as a nannies car may be quite small and car seats take up rather a lot of space.

eurycantha Fri 16-Aug-13 18:42:15

Hi ,I thought I would tell you my job details .I work three days a week looking after three children aged 8 and 7 year old twins,I have been with the family for five years .i work the hours you will be needing.when the children were younger I did everything that involved them, from caring for them ,cooking ,laundry,including the parents,cleaning up after our activities.caring for pets.I have to say that usually I only have one or two days overlap ,to be shown where schools and activities are ,to be introduced to teachers.parents tell me their children's food favourites and dislikes ,allergies etc but I choose what they will eat ,if I am making a large pot such as ashcottage pie or roast I wiill leave my employers some.Re shopping my boss does n online shop each week and I pick up any extra bread or milk,or anything I fancy cooking .my employer had looked after the children since birth but there was no problem when I started,I think if you get a good experienced nanny ,she will know how to distract your child when you leave...after saying goodbye to them obviously..children may occasionally cry when you leave but nannies will tell you that as soon as you are gone they cheer up very quickly.The best things about employers that make us stay and why I've been here 5 years and in my previous jobs 10 and 8 years respectively are not getting masses of money( although nice hee hee) my bosses always ring if they are going to be late, bosses who are getting on the train and phone you ..not good .ring as soon as you know you will be late.always pay on time.always be appreciative ,don't take her for granted,remember how you feel when you've had your four children all day well so does she when they are home all day..holidays etc say Thankyou boss asks me every Monday how I am ?Did I have a good weekend ?I'm not getting into contracts there are better people to explain that on here .you hire someone you like not just someone with lots of qualifications .One thing when you ring about references if you feel they are holding back about something ask them if they could please tell you about any point you feel they are not being open about.Ask them if they would hire her again?Excuse the long waffle.

KittenCaboodle Fri 16-Aug-13 19:46:07


Thank you for your replies. These are really helpful smile. I totally agree about the human touch. This person is going to be crucially important to four of my favourite people in the world, so I really hope they will become part of the family.

The stuff about food makes loads of sense, thank you, and thank you for the tip about references.

Lots to think about.

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