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English language course for our new au pair - help!!

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wheresmyliein1973 Thu 15-Aug-13 12:23:00

Hi, our au pair arrives from Germany tomorrow. This is our first ap experience and I think we are more or less ready.

The one thing I have not done is make any progress on finding her an English course. I think she needs to go for an assessment anyway so I couldn't actually book her on a course, but I can't work out what sort of course she would need, e.g. ESOL, Cambridge, just a regular language school, and most importantly one which suits a typical ap schedule.

She is from Germany and has reasonable English. Could anyone point me in the right direction of what sort of course we should be looking at?

Thanks :-)

PicardyThird Thu 15-Aug-13 12:30:48

I would wait until she's arrived and ask her what her aims are. Does she want a recognised qualification like Cambridge? If she's been through German school up to university entrance qualification (Abitur) level her English is going to be beyond typical beginner-to-lower-intermediate language courses and she might welcome the opportunity to get a piece of paper she can use in university applications, her CV etc.

wheresmyliein1973 Thu 15-Aug-13 12:41:52


Strix Thu 15-Aug-13 14:39:22

I would point ther in a general direction and let her choose and sign up for one if she wants to. In my experience German Au Pairs have absolutely excellent English. So she might need a course (unless she has specifically asked you to do this for her).

verap Fri 16-Aug-13 12:11:11

I would add that in the meantime, you can email your local colleges to find out what courses they do, costs, etc

I found a prospectus of local college in our local library.

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