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Is a reliable website to look for childminders.. ?

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mumtosp Wed 14-Aug-13 12:09:01

Hi all,

I'm on the hunt for a childminder in the Bromley ares (BR2 to be specific) for my 10 mo DS. Would you recommend the website

Also, how do I go about shortlisting childminders !?!? confused
When I search on the website, I get loads of results and they all are Ofsted registered, with a good rating and CRB checked and have the relevant qualifications....
It's doing my head in sad

Thanks in advance for all your help smile

Caitycat Wed 14-Aug-13 12:12:26

I would bypass that site and go to your local council's website. They will have a list of all the registered cm's in your area and will give you links to Ofsted reports so you can find out what they say. I would then ring a few that are conveniently located and who Ofsted say are at least good and see if they have places, if so go and visit. I visited seven and am glad I did because number 7 was perfect but the others less so, you will never know til you've seen them for yourself.

mumtosp Wed 14-Aug-13 12:18:24

Thatks Caitycat
The only reason I went to instead of the council website is because it seems to have so many more childminders registered on it....
Will check out the council website too smile

Caitycat Wed 14-Aug-13 12:26:24

Anyone who is actually registered will be on the council website, I would be v wary of anyone who doesn't appear on it as if they're nor registered, they're not insured either!

Manman Wed 14-Aug-13 13:10:19

Definitely phone or email you local family information service. They will only have the details of registered childminders while anyone can advertise on the other websites. They will also be able to give more details of where each cm is based and it is a totally free service whereas you have to pay to be able to contact cms on the other websites.
Good luck with your search

Thurlow Thu 15-Aug-13 14:56:10

I used as my first port of call as I really didn't know what I was doing. Made a profile as that was free and outlined what type of care we were looking for, and then several CMs contacted me and we went with one of them. I'd do that, but then double-check with the council register and OFSTED etc.

NarkyNamechanger Thu 15-Aug-13 16:24:05

Caitycat not necessarily true. We have to authorise our details to go on th web and some choose not to. You can call up the FIS though and they will send you out a paper copy of everyone or verify someone's details you've found.

mindingalongtime Thu 15-Aug-13 18:09:38

The quality of the council website and childminder details is very unreliable, many of the childminders on there are not minding anymore. We are also supposed to update our details every three months or you drop off the list, not so!

I have asked to update my details every month for 3 months now, it's still not done, and now we can do it ourselves, it still doesn't happen, so mine says I pick up from certain schools and I don't!

The list is very put of date, so phone for an updated paper list, but those re sometimes out of date too.

Most of us use as all updates are verified before being live, and you are able to post a more realistic cv and details of what you offer etc.

You can also as narky says, opt to not have your details on the council (FIS) site

Caitycat Thu 15-Aug-13 19:50:11

Sorry, I stand corrected. I was told that the website was comprehensive - I guess I was lucky in my experience.

mumtosp Mon 19-Aug-13 12:50:23

Thanks all - the search on continues ! smile

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