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How much of a market do you think there would be for a 'Saturday night Au-pair' in North London?

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KatyMac Mon 05-Aug-13 21:18:24

DD (15 nearly 16) is studying in London at the weekends. She needs to stay over Saturday night

Would marketing her as a babysitter/au-pair be a good way to solve her problem. She is fairly child savvy (I run a nursery from home)

Obviously this is slightly tongue in cheek but I'm just canvassing in case it might work(& DD's safety would be my priority)

KatyMac Mon 21-Oct-13 17:42:15

Well I have 1 of the next 5 dates firmly booked. Only 4 to go.....

Lighthousekeeping Mon 21-Oct-13 17:54:40

Brilliant. What did you book?

CbeebiesIsMyLife Mon 21-Oct-13 17:57:04

If I was in London I'd do it in a heartbeat. So instead I'll bump this up and hope someone else comes along

KatyMac Mon 21-Oct-13 17:59:42

Lighthousekeeping - a family friend who is happy to commit to one night but not all 5, so had said no because they didn't want to be dumped with her (understandably)

Thanks Cbeebies

DowntonTrout Mon 21-Oct-13 18:10:12

Katy, my DD stays at a boarding house for 2 of the theatre schools. She boards mon- fri but I know they have some who weekend as well and some who stay just the nights they are appearing in shows. I don't know if they would take yourvDD or if it is the sort of thing you are looking for but it may be worth asking?

It is, of course, all above board, fully CRB checked and they take 11-16 yo. It costs £25pn for B&B. Pm me if you would like me to send you their contact details.

KatyMac Mon 21-Oct-13 18:15:35

I've pm'ed

Thank you

holidaysarenice Tue 22-Oct-13 11:51:22

The travelodge won't know what age she is.

If she needs I'd does she have a sisters passport to use.

KatyMac Tue 22-Oct-13 13:31:21

Tbh she struggles to pass for 15 - no-one would believe she was 18 at all

Fingers crossed it'll get sorted - I have 1 night organised only 4 to go

funkypigeon Tue 22-Oct-13 13:48:39

I'm having trouble PMing you! I'll keep trying, hold on

KatyMac Tue 22-Oct-13 14:37:56

I've replied (so it must have got through)

KatyMac Sat 26-Oct-13 19:21:35

Thanks to the people who have been in touch; two nights sorted 3 to go (until Christmas)

'Homestay' has thrown up a possible - but I need to be brave & get in touch
The college have found a Christian 'Hall of Residence' but it starts from 18
A mum from the course is in the middle of building work but might help after Christmas
Her dance teacher has found a Lodging again from 18
Someone has suggested a Boarding House that has children from the shows - which I am waiting to hear back from

We've actually sorted 4 nights out but 2 of those are for Auditions!! So the patchwork is growing

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