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Where to look for a london nanny. Not gumtree!

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laurananny29 Tue 13-Aug-13 21:35:44 and are definitely the best. As a nanny I am using them for the last years and I always pay when looking for a job. In the last 2 years I have found my jobs on and the families were lovely. I think it's a serious website. Maybe not everybody is paying to have access to personal details and contact information, and send messages, but I still think it is a serious website with serious people.

Jellyandicecreamplease Sun 11-Aug-13 20:55:51

By networking! I have found my nanny by being friendly and keeping in touch with people

ChippingInHopHopHop Sun 11-Aug-13 20:08:22

Most nannies steer clear of gumtree and as parents on both don't seem to like paying tax or national insurance and only want to pay cash

Nothing like a HUGE and INCORRECT sweeping statement. is good, if getting a bit expensive.

mmmmsleep Sun 11-Aug-13 19:57:29

we found ours on and unlike comments below we pay decent wage via paye and expect nanny duties only. both our nannies found on there were excellent and had plenty of great candidates when interviewing recently.

nannynewo Sun 11-Aug-13 19:51:17

Wickedgirl Sun 11-Aug-13 16:38:21

Most nannies steer clear of gumtree and as parents on both don't seem to like paying tax or national insurance and only want to pay cash.

Agencies are her best bet.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 11-Aug-13 09:40:46

As a nanny I'm surprised your friend hasn't registered with all the well know agencies in London

Agree gumtree can be hard to find a family who will pay a decent wage tho does happen. My last perm job was through gumtree and lovely employers who paid me and treated well - was there over 5years is ok - but many nannies including myself don't like the huge increase in fees by the site - so many of us won't upgrade on the off chance there is a family we like

I would prefer to be allowed one free message a day or pay £5 a month - not £20 !!!!

Otherwise nannyjob netmums are the main two

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 10-Aug-13 23:13:57

Register with an agency specialising on nannys

TeamSouthfields Sat 10-Aug-13 23:03:39


littleballerina Thu 18-Jul-13 22:40:02

thanks all. especially you Rob

rob99 Thu 18-Jul-13 22:20:50

I'd look around London

Ablababla Thu 18-Jul-13 22:16:33 is where we found our nanny.

Parietal Thu 18-Jul-13 22:11:51 was good for me

littleballerina Thu 18-Jul-13 22:07:53

sorry, she is a nanny and has had nothing but trouble with clients on gumtree!
they all seem to want much more than a nanny iyswim!

Ipsissima Thu 18-Jul-13 13:23:02

Go straight to Norland.

2plus1 Thu 18-Jul-13 13:19:40

I used an agency which was so appalling that we won damages for service provided. Then we did the job ourselves and used which worked out much better.

nannyE Thu 18-Jul-13 12:44:14

I am a nanny looking for a full time job. I am 28, 7 years experience, first aid and crb check. Excelent references available! Looking for live out!
Pm me if you ere interested!
Thank you

magd2579 Thu 18-Jul-13 01:33:14

I'm a London nanny currently looking for work -25, British, graduate, background as Family PA/Nanny for big American family - PM me if you want more info smile

littleballerina Wed 17-Jul-13 23:14:37

nappyvalley? sounds vomit inducing!

NomDeClavier Wed 17-Jul-13 23:10:12

Simply Childcare?
Local sites like nappyvalley <shudder>

littleballerina Wed 17-Jul-13 23:02:17

For a friend who's had lots of trouble with gumtree!

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