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Been out today and thought you might like to know of their discounts for cms.....

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lexiemum Mon 05-Jun-06 15:58:09 - soft play centre

its in Brackley, Northants - 15mins from J11 M40

only been open 8 or so weeks and my girls thought it was great.

regular fee is £2.50 but childminders proving their registration get each child in for £2.25 and if you walk (or park car in tesco and walk across the road) - you'll pay £1.75.

prices for 1-3yrs, no charges for under1's or adults. more for over 4's - can't remember them.

play limited to 90mins in busy periods - we stayed for 3hrs today.

and best of all

they serve costa coffee.

apologies if you don't live close enough

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