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Available in Leeds

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sofarsogood Mon 05-Jun-06 13:49:51

Just come on this bit of the board for the 1st time so I thought Id post.

Im female, 24, I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire and I have alot of experience in childcare. I dont have any qualifications but have looked after a family of 4 as if I was a nanny and I have cared for newborns and children up to age of 10 alot.

If anyone needs any childcare and would rather someone with lots of experience than paperwork then you can contact me.

I have a 3 bedroom town house with lots of space and gardens to front and rear so I can care for your child in either your home or mine. Obviously I would like you to come and see the house and get to know you before I care for your child. Im friendly and easy to get on with. To me money is not the most important part of a job. Ive had well paid jobs in the past and not enjoyed them so Id like to do something that will make me happy.

Let me know if you could use me.

Ive heard of a CRB check and Im not sure what it is but would be willing to look into getting one if you wish.


Auntymandy Mon 05-Jun-06 13:51:54

what about the odd evening babysitting?

Auntymandy Mon 05-Jun-06 13:52:33

If you want to look after children in your house I think you will need to register but not 100% sure!

HenniPenni Mon 05-Jun-06 13:57:54

If looking after other peoples children in your own house for more than two hours aday, you deffo need to register.

sofarsogood Mon 05-Jun-06 14:27:08

Ive heard thats really difficult to do and at the end your not guaranteed to have work.

I guess Id be better off caring for them in their own homes but I dont know if most people would want qualifications. Id babysit in evenings if someone wanted it.


Yorkiegirl Mon 05-Jun-06 14:29:27

Message withdrawn

sofarsogood Mon 05-Jun-06 15:45:21

Im in LS12 area. I would get registered if I was guaranteed the work. Im not sure if thats possible though unless someone wants to say to me they will have me care for their child as long as Im registered.

nannyc Mon 05-Jun-06 17:44:55

why would you have a problem with getting registered? I would not think it would be too difficult

Isyhan Mon 05-Jun-06 18:03:40

Im currently getting registered in Leeds. OFSTED are ok, quite prompt but CRB is taking ages (6 weeks so far).

Yorkiegirl Mon 05-Jun-06 19:07:44

Message withdrawn

sofarsogood Mon 05-Jun-06 19:57:19

I totally understand no one would use an unregistered childminder.

Im not too sure though where LS27 is. Is it Farsley? Do you think if I become registered I will get work. Is there a need for it in our area because if there are too many registered childminders akready and not enough work it will be a waste of time getting registered.

G x

Yorkiegirl Mon 05-Jun-06 20:07:55

Message withdrawn

sofarsogood Mon 05-Jun-06 22:49:09

Yeah I know where Morley is. Its weird I didnt think Morley was near Pudsey yet Pudsey is LS28.

I will contact the councill and see if there is someone who can advise me on work availability.

When I become registered do you think I can advertise vacancies on mumsnet and other online places? I would like so but not sure.

G x

HenniPenni Tue 06-Jun-06 09:12:44

Sofrsogood, I would be wary about asking the childrens information service about the need for mindres in your area (Childrens information Service deal with this rather than the council).
I'm only saying this because in our area they are busy telling potential minders that there is plenty of work when there clearly isn't. The best thing to do imo is to ask for an upto date list of minders, give them a ring to see if they have vacancies.

I hope this ahsn't put you off, but it's better to find out before than afterwards.

You can advertise on here under nannyshares.

Auntymandy Tue 06-Jun-06 12:45:48

Ring up the under 8's and they send you a letter then you go to an evening to tell you all about registering. I went last month but havent done anymore about it yet!!!

sofarsogood Tue 06-Jun-06 13:16:51


Sorry if Im being thick but what are the under 8's? You said to ring them up but I dont know what you mean by that, sorry.

G x

Isyhan Tue 06-Jun-06 13:30:37

when i was thinking of becoming a childminder i got a list from cis and rang around all the childminders asking what there rates were and if they had vacancies, then i decided from that if i should do it.

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