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aibu to expect a sorry here

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happydazed Wed 03-Jul-13 19:13:23

well I probably am unreasonable but thought id rant anyway its what mumsnet is for! mindee complained of feeling sick and tired. stupid me let him go and lie in the lounge which I try and keep child free. he threw up everywhere. couch and carpets are all going to need cleaning, cushions in the bin already. there was gallons, sorry tmi! it smells terrible in there.
now its my own fault for letting him go in there and a hazard of the job etc and I hugged and comforted the poor kid while he threw up, and looked after him until mum came, but I just think mum when she arrived and saw the destruction could have acknowledged it at least. I wouldn't charge for cleaning of course my fault as I said but an offer to help or something would have softened the blow for me. its a brand new carpet . sob!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 08-Jul-13 13:00:06

If the mum had offered to help clear up then would have meant her ill sick child would have spent longer at the cm - rather then tucked up home in bed with a bucket

Sure all she wanted to do is to get her ill son home and if she did offer would the op have taken up the help or preferred to have child go home with mum - rather then risk the chance of more sick

No point offering to clean up the next day as obviously the mess and smell would have been dealt with

Yes a sorry xxxx was sick would have been nice but I wouldn't have expected it

As I said as a nanny if my dc was sick I wouldn't expect the mum to say sorry - it's my job to look after them

Yes I'm at their house but cm chose to work at home and it is a perk to be able to be at home and have their child/ren with them and be paid to look after other children

(just as a nwoc knows it is a perk to be able to take their child to work)

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