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Children with SEN - extra paperwork etc for a childminder?

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2boysnamedR Mon 01-Jul-13 20:29:15

I have a son who has specail ed needs and learning delays. I am looking for a new childminder for his baby bro. My baby is showing some delays and I wondering if this would cause possible childminders additional stress? Is there more paperwork involved? I am presuming not but I am just wondering. Would you be put off by a child with possible specail needs? Just wondering if I should skip childminders and go for a nursery setting? Will it put childminders off

rumblefish Mon 01-Jul-13 21:08:17

if you call your Family Information Service they may have numbers of minders who care for children with SN, I know a minder who does this.

I am planning on taking up a placement in a special needs school for a couple of hours a week to get some experience as I have been contacted in the last couple of months by parents to care for children with SN.

ElectricalBanana Mon 01-Jul-13 21:14:47

i am a childminder and i have a daughter (21 now) with SEN. I came into childminding to specifically look after children with SEN and/or additional medical needs (i am an ex RGN). I have small numbers of children in my care - on only one day do i have my full quota of three. I would only accept a child into my setting as long as i could give him or her the best care. I have had to turn children away when i know i cant help (eg i was approached by a family with a little one who needed one to one - i couldnt help this time but i do some respite when i have space). I help parents with reports and i have referred children to different therapies. Its not stressful for is very very rewarding.

try a childminder....have a chat with some. you might be surprised!

2boysnamedR Mon 01-Jul-13 21:37:52

Nice to know people wouldn't be put off. I do wonder if some people would run a mile. Thank you

minderjinx Tue 02-Jul-13 09:10:12

I have cared for children with special needs and yes it is rewarding to see them progress, but to be honest I have sometimes resented the additional unpaid work at weekends and in the evenings doing extra assessments etc to help the professionals work out their medical and educational needs (I recently spent the best part of my weekend doing that after working 50 hours in the week). I'm not saying I wouldn't do it to the best of my ability but I think it is something to be aware of.

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