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I got a huge parcel today from Herts CC !!!

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lottiesmummy Fri 02-Jun-06 18:39:08

Full of toys for me for my mindees..... hmmmmm If I had any that wud be fantastic lol


goosey Fri 02-Jun-06 18:57:05

Ooooh lucky you - what toys were in your parcel?

lottiesmummy Fri 02-Jun-06 22:03:09

skipping ropes, a huge dice for garden, multicultural colouring books, bats and foam balls, bean bags, some round things not sure quite what they are lol and a very big plastic box with lid to store it all, was very suprised to recieve it

zoeuk1 Sun 04-Jun-06 15:26:13

how did you get that?

lottiesmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 12:24:47

it just arrived on friday, have called a few CMs in area and they all got one too, maybe its only Herts County Council?

nzshar Mon 05-Jun-06 12:42:59

lottiesmummy just recieved my box of goodies today. Did you not get the letter from Young in Herts way back in April? I think it may be just a Hertfordshire thing think that they had a surplus on last years chilminders budget i think. So nice to get stuff for free huh

lottiesmummy Mon 05-Jun-06 18:36:39

yea its great, would like some children to look after now!!! lol

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