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clever childminders needed, please

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moogy1a Wed 26-Jun-13 09:11:04

Right, someone clarify something for me, please.

I'm a registered CM.
I have 3 children of my own, 2 of which are under 5.
I have a self made variation so I mind 2 EY children.
If I worked with my DH as assistant, we could have 2 more EY mindees: is that right?
If my DH was to register in his own right, would they take into account his own 2 dc and so we could only have 1 more EY mindee?

Am i making sense ?

HSMMaCM Wed 26-Jun-13 09:28:21

I'm assuming your self made variation was for continuity of care ... Anyway ... When DH and I had a DD who counted, she counted for both of us, but we had a proviso that when we worked together she only counted once. Not sure how that works now that it's not specified on certificate, you may have to ask Ofsted.

minderjinx Wed 26-Jun-13 09:37:28

I had one son under 8 and my certificate said I could care for 5 children, or 11 when working with my husband as my assistant, which suggests that DS was only being counted once. I have no idea what would happen if DH registered in his own right, but I can't really see the point in him doing that as it would only double up the OFSTED fees, ICO, insurance etc.

moogy1a Wed 26-Jun-13 09:38:40

Already had 2little mindees plus my own 1 year old when I got pg which is why I gave myself variation.
I've heard mention that assistans now need safeguarding as well as first aid. Is that right?

moogy1a Wed 26-Jun-13 09:46:46

minder I think I'm coming to the conclusion that it makes more sense for him to stay as assistant. The only positive about him registering in his own right would be that he could be left for more than 2 hours in sole charge.

lechatnoir Wed 26-Jun-13 13:08:30

My DH is my assistant & working with him I'm allowed 10 under 8 (inc my own) & afaik a maximum of 6 under 5 (ie 3 each). Not that we've ever had 10 at once mind you shock

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