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nanny and mum thinking about becoming cm, any advice please!?!

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proudmummy Wed 31-May-06 14:47:54


First post so please be gentle with me1 I am a qualified nanny and now a mummy, I am struggling to find nanny jobs to suit me and my son, so am considering becoming a childminder.
I would love to har any advice as i really know nothing about it. Has anyone been a nanny and become a cm? Is it expensive to start up? I'm thinking of course costs, specific first aid requirements, alterations to the house to meet ofsted requirements etc. And I am a bit daunted by how amazing some of you are, with you virtually running it like a nursery, with specific times for different things, weekly plans etc, is this necessary or just a bonus?
The whole tax thing sounds like a minefield too!
Does it take long to register?

Sorry so many questions, just would be grteful of any ideas/ advice you may have! Thank you!!

Katymac Wed 31-May-06 19:23:19

I don't think it would cost you too much to start up - your house is probably fairly childproof as you have a child

OFSTED fees are about £14
First Aid courses are often free
ICP (Or what ever they are calling it now) is free

You need to contact your local CIS just put your post code in

Planning - you can do as much or as little planning as you want - have a look at Birth to Three Matters (google it) and order the pack (it should be free as you are a nanny)

Tax is not really a problem - I can help - or there was a package being sold someone was talking about it over the last few days on another thread

It seems to take 3 to 6 months to register


Jackmummy Wed 31-May-06 21:13:51

Hi proudmummy,
I am a childminder, who used to work as a nanny. I registered when my ds was 13m as I found it impossible to find an appropriate nanny job. I must say though that I don't regret it for a minute as it is fantastic to be able to work based in your own house once you have your own child.
I think its a bit of a postcode lottery, but where I live you get all the necessary training for free. you also get free NCMA membership for the first year and a load of multi culteral/equal opp toys!
The only real costs were the money to ofsted, KMc mentioned, and to set up my house.
-safety cupboard locks
-socket covers etc
-first aid kit
You get a good start up pack from the NCMA which really helps to explain the tax aspect. They also cover it in your ICP course, so I wouldn't worry too much...
Feel free to ask any further questions..

lottiesmummy Wed 31-May-06 21:14:12

I'm a registered childminder and I used to be a nanny for 14yrs, I have two children, was ok to be a nanny with one child but with two no-one wanted to know, registering is easy, it shouldnt cost anything to start up as its all paid for, I only had to pay £14 ofsted fees, you get free training (first aid)

ThePrisoner Wed 31-May-06 23:21:19

I know lots of minders who were previously nannies (and they've earned more money as minders than as nannies).

If it is of any help whatsoever - I don't run my business like a nursery, have no specific times for anything whatsoever (apart from whatever time music group or soft play start!) and am so laid back that I'm almost comatose.

I keep information needed for tax purposes (receipts etc) safe (somewhere in my house) and complete my tax return a couple of days before it's due.

I am not a rubbish childminder and, despite evidence to the contrary (because I diss myself all the time here on Mumsnet), I do take my job seriously but prefer to have a fun time doing it.

childminderjanet Thu 01-Jun-06 09:59:36

I'm also a qualified nanny now registered as a childminder. I registered as when my last nanny position ended my two local agencies who had both placed me BC would'nt even put me on their books , this was last year when to be fair in my area jobs were few and far between.I got registered really quickly just 4 weeks as I already had a current CRB then I took a bit of time out and started advertising my places in February half-term. I got one baby to mind part time from a "Meet the Minder"session in Bromley (KENT) Library. If they do them in your area it's a good way of finding mindees.

The first thing I would do is to get THE LIST from the childrens information service to see how many minders in your area have vacancies.
Don't rule out being a nanny if a great job comes along take it, it will do you no harm to be registered as well. I've had quite a few people through the door looking for childminders rather than unregulated nannys .
I love working from home so much easier getting other people to bring their kids to me, also you know you own home is always safe which is not always the case if you're a nanny. My main worry when I registered was Ofsted they sounded very scary, but my inspector was lovely gave me outstanding which was really nice as although parents have always been pleased with what I do its not quite the same as being told by a trained professional. The worst bit of registering in the ICP course very basic if you're already a qualified nanny.
Good luck if you have anymore questions please ask away

childminderjanet Thu 01-Jun-06 10:05:48

Oh forgot to say my start up grant was £300
£175 for NCMA pack fire blanket account books ect
then the rest to pay for Dr to sign health form mine was only £20 my friend paid £80!!!

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