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Starting an after school Club. Help needed.

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mafalda1 Mon 29-May-06 01:10:46

As a childminder all the work I get is picking up and droping off at my sons school. So have decided to look at becoming an after school club. I have quite a few parents interested. Could be as many as 5. And thats with out advertising. Does anyone have any info. I would appreciate any help. Please email me at Sorry but can seem to get link to work.

lottiesmummy Mon 29-May-06 08:45:07

best thing to do is contact ofsted and get their advice?

Jensmum Mon 29-May-06 09:25:38

Do you mean an afterschool club at your house or at the school?

cheltenhamgal Mon 29-May-06 09:49:19

my dd goes to an after school club, they rent a room at the school. I am not sure what info you need ? if you let me know I can ask them

Katymac Mon 29-May-06 22:29:48

I run one - what do you need to know?

mafalda1 Mon 29-May-06 22:50:22

I am thinking ofg running one from home. But not sure what i would need to take into account. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

Katymac Tue 30-May-06 08:08:37

In reality as long as "the care of the other childen is unaffected" to quote OFSTED and you can cope with older children - it can just be an extension of you childminding

It might be useful to have the co-operation of your school

It would be worth check how many children you can mind in total (if you are NCMA just check the back of your PLI cert)

How many were you hoping to have? (normal ratios apply 3 5-8's or 6 5-8's if you don't have and under 5's plus older ones)

How big is your school? How far is the walk home?

mafalda1 Tue 30-May-06 18:28:06

The school has made arrangements with the family centre on the school grounds. They can only have 10 children from the school. Parents have asked me if i would be interested in having there kids. I am registered at the moment to have five. I would need to drive them home as the school is ten mins away. Most parents do not mind that. I have a MPV. There is someone that would more than likely come to work with me , she is registering as childminder at present and I also have an assistant. Thanks.

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