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Childminders- holding a place open for shift workers

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Amylouise Fri 26-May-06 12:17:56

Another question...have only just discovered mumsnet and have so many questions!!!

I have had an enquiry from a lady wanting childminding for her 4 year old dd. She wants 3 full days but she works shifts and these could be any day mon- fri.
I already have my 18 month dd and a 6 month old mindee so she would be taking up my last under 5 place.
I was thinking of charging her a half fee retainer for the days I don't have her and obviously full for the days I do.
This seems expensive to me but otherwise I would be holding a full time place for 3 days pay.
What would you do?
Has anyone come across this before?

jellyjelly Fri 26-May-06 12:25:13

Lots of people have had this situation, i havent but someone will be along soon.

Fireaway with your other question and i might be able to help - not working today.

Amylouise Fri 26-May-06 12:43:05

Thanks jellyjelly, you are a star!

Can't actually think of any more questions right now but they keep popping into my head

I haven't actually started yet, have my 6 month old starting in 2 weeks!! I am really excited but quite nervous

Have you been childminding long?

goosey Fri 26-May-06 13:07:30

Charging half for days not used sounds fair.
I pay half to my son's minder for the days I don't need her. I work to a definate shift pattern though so only pay a half fee retainer based on the average number of days per week I normally need her service. Very fair of her.

HenniPenni Fri 26-May-06 13:12:31

Hi AMylouise, two of my mindees who are starting soon are from shift working families, tbh I don't/won't charge a retainer fee for days not used as work is so slow around here that I would rather lose a few days pay than a whole weeks fees,iyswim.

Not much help really, but I forgot to say Hello!!!

jellyjelly Fri 26-May-06 13:45:36

been doing it for 18 months but have only just come back from a break of 5 months because of broken bones, am very pleased to be back and looking after the child i had before the break

ayla99 Fri 26-May-06 15:12:57

I've looked after children of shift workers before. The arrangement I offer is that they pay 1/2 fees to reserve the days/hours they MAY need and I give them a booking form so they can apply for the days they want to book - the booked hours are charged at full fees with any unused part of their reserved time charged at 1/2 fees.

The contract states the day/date i must receive details of the hours/days they don't want otherwise they get charged full fees for the whole reserved time period if they haven't let me know.

I've done this with 2 families now, parents have been okay with the cost - they're actually saving because with nurseries and some childminders they would have to pay full fees for the whole week.

loulou5 Sun 28-May-06 18:26:12

Hi Amylouise,
I've only been childminding a few months and have children who's parent's work shift patterns.

I only charge the hours thay use, but wish now that i had done ur idea of charging half for the remainder of the week, as i have lost out on two full time places.

If i take shift workers on again, I am going to copy ayla99's idea of booking the time in etc, it sounds very well organised and professional (Hope u don't mind ayla99).

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