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CM Club - Parent messing me about, do i give notice?

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FeelingOld Wed 24-May-06 12:09:58

I have cared for now 3yr old mindee for 14 months, she did 18 hours per week over 3 days (days vary as mum on rota system so kept all 5 days open for her, so basically takes up a full time place) but 2 months ago mum lost her job but wanted to keep mindees place open so we agreed that she would come minimum of 8 hours per week and review situation in 8 weeks if mum still not found a job (dad has a good job so paying for just 8 hours a week no problem).
Mindee has been coming 8-12 hours per week but her mum has always been very disorganised and I usually have to ring her on a sunday to find out which days mindee is coming so I can plan the week (even had to do this when mum was working as 90% of the time she never wrote her rota down), but I am fed up with having to do this so 4 weeks ago I decided that it's not up to me to chase after her, week 1 she rung me Wednesday evening asking if mindee can come thurs and fri, week 2 she rang thurs morning asking if mindee can come that day and fri, week 3 (last week) she never contacted me at all and mindee never came, week 4 (this week) she still hasn't rang and so don't know what's going on. This isn't the first time she has done this, in January mum went into hospital for an operation and the first I knew of it was when mindee didn't turn up on the monday morning and when I sent her a text to see where she was she text back saying mindee not coming cos she was off work for 2 weeks (used her 2 week holiday up for this year)

I can't afford to keep on like this so have decided that if she doesn't contact me this week I am going to give her 4 weeks notice.
I am not very assertive when it comes to money/parents etc, so not sure if I am doing the right thing, what do you other very organised/assertive cminders think?

I love having mindee, they are lovely and a real chatterbox and very good company and gets on really well with other mindess but I am losing money.

Uwila Wed 24-May-06 12:30:30

Can you give the parent notice of a contract amendment? The amendment being that you need to know on Thursday what the following week's hours will be. And, possibly, that you expect to be paid for a minimum of x hours.

As a parent, I think you are being very lenient and I'm not suprised you have had enough. It's okay to be lenient, but you need to be paid for it. After all, you have a gas bill to pay. And if it looks anything like mine, you are probably still recovering from the shock of the last one.

MrsBigD Wed 24-May-06 12:35:32

you've definitely been very leniant... I used to use a cm when I only had dd and if I had a short notice change in plans and I wasn't dropping dd off she was very understanding and flexible. However, I felt very guilty about it and still paid her

After all you are running a business so I would put my foot down. Discuss 'terms' and give parent a probational period of lets say 2 weeks and if she doesn't improve give notice as it's obviously costing you.

jellyjelly Wed 24-May-06 14:07:44

I would give notice personally as you are running a business, as you have said this has happened before so i am guessign thast you have said soemthing before.

Write aletter giving 4 weeks notice as you can carry on. If you leave it much longer it will mean that your wages have gone down for the last 12 weeks do you want that to increase for her convience?

ayla99 Wed 24-May-06 21:56:30

If you haven't already done so I would ask her round for a chat/contract review to try to resolve this. Your comment that you are not assertive makes me wonder if she realises how important this issue is to you?

The arrangement I've had with a couple of families was that they paid 1/2 fees for a full-time place (or the days/times they wanted to reserve) and i gave them a booking form which they used to book the actual hours they wanted each week, paying full fees for the hours booked. I put in the contract that if they don't notify me of the days/hours they DON'T want by 6 pm on the friday before, they will be charged £full fees for the whole week. If they want to book additional hours after the agreed date there can be no guarantee of my availability.

LoveMyGirls Thu 25-May-06 12:57:17

i would have a chat and agree to a minimum number of hours - surely if she's not working at the minute then she can have set days (at least until she finds a job) if she cant keep to that then i would give notice. start advertising and see if you get a call for a full timer because then you would have more of a reason to let her go. plus more money

FeelingOld Thu 25-May-06 20:54:11

Well still no word from her, can't say I am surprised really.
We had the 'chat' after the incident in January about she should let me know on a friday what she wants me to have mindee the next week and about her paying for minimum of 8 hours (she didn't want to just commit to same days every week cos of job interviews etc).
If not heard from her by saturday will send her a letter saying I presume she does not want place anymore, can't afford to go on like this, giving her 4 weeks notice. Should I include anything else?

Thanks for your replies, I hate this side of childminding.

MrsBigD Fri 26-May-06 10:17:00

if I'd receive a letter from my cm I'd probably want details on why I'm given notice. Saying that though you've been very leniant already and have been giving her numerous second chances.

I'd probably just put in something about lack of communication and trying to better attendance from her side and loss you are incurring or similar. I'm cr*p at that sort of things myself

nicm Fri 26-May-06 13:34:54

hi i gave notice to a mindee for the same sort of reasons. have put up with it for about 6 months and then decided it just wasn't worth the hassle. i didn't give a reason in my letter, you don't have to. i just said it was for personal reasons when asked why as i didn't want to cause any bad feeling. hth and good luck. this is the side of cm that i really hate too!!

FeelingOld Tue 30-May-06 12:46:05

I have just put a letter through her door (with her invoice), saying basically I can't afford to keep open a full time place for just the 8 hours she is using any longer and I am giving her 4 weeks notice of such.I also said that I am presuming she wants to use the 2 weeks she has not contacted me as holiday weeks (her 2 weeks at 1/2 rate I allow each year).
I have also said that I have no problem with her using me for 8 hours per week but she will have to have the same 8 hours every week. I have given her 3 days to contact me to let me know and that if I do not hear from her in that time I will presume she no longer wants me to care for mindee but that I have enjoyed caring for her and have missed her over the past couple of weeks.

I think I have been fair and just hope she contacts me cos mindee is lovely.

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