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CM Club - Advice about Holiday Pay and what to do about this.................

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looneytune Wed 24-May-06 10:31:37

I started with my first mindee nearly a year ago and due to not getting paid for days off, I haven't taken a days leave yet (just 2 days sick with awful d&v bug) - got my first day this Friday

I decided recently that I can't keep on going without a break as the long hours are really starting to take their toll. I therefore decided to ask parents if they would like to save money each month and pay me less but then I still get paid when I'm on my 4 weeks hols. All parents but one agreed as they are happy to pay less.

The one who didn't agree has been SOOOO SWEET and INSISTED she pays me for my holidays!! She said that she pay £20 more a day for her dd to go to nursery and I do lots more for her ds than the nursery did for dd at that age. She said I deserve holidays and I don't have to give lots of notice, can take more time and that I should have breaks and be paid. Bless Only thing is, I'm thinking it's probably best to get this in writing???

My question - what do you think I should do about the ones who've agreed to change monthly payments? New Contracts or just a little word document laying it all out for them to sign? What about the one who's going to be paying me? A word document signed saying that I will now be paid for holidays, or new contract showing the hols as paid?

Just want to make sure I don't get messed around somehow!

Also, who else does what I'm doing i.e. weekly rate x 48 weeks instead of 52 / 12? What do you do when someone leaves? Do you work out who owes who money for the holiday that has/hasn't been taken?

Any other advice?


alison222 Wed 24-May-06 13:19:19

Hi looneytune.
I personally would write a letter and ask the parents to return it signed as an amendment to the terms of the contract rather than re-writing it as its not really changing the total actual payments or the hours.

I am working term time only at the moment and charging a retainer in the hols so can't help over the how, but I would be inclined to say that if soemone leaves you do add it up and see who owes who. That is how it works if you leave a job. They look to see if you have outstanding holidays and pay you for them.

looneytune Wed 24-May-06 13:25:11

Thanks, was hoping I don't have to do contracts. Not quite sure how to word the one who's just going to be paying me holiday's but continue the same rate. Anyone want a try???

Once I've got everything signed, I think I'll book my first week off - can't wait

Isyhan Thu 25-May-06 09:29:24

Looneytune- do you not work out your rate based on a 48 week year which would cover you for annual leave aswell? E.g. Ive worked out I will have to charge £3.50 per hour for a 48 week year.

looneytune Thu 25-May-06 12:35:48

Presume by that you mean saving £x each week/month aside to cover the time you are on holiday? I totally understand what you are saying if this is what you mean however this just hasn't worked so far due to our circumstances financially - keep needing every penny I get, especially since dh lost his perm job! It's because I will always make myself keep going if I think the holiday money could pay for x, y and z. I know the only way I'll take holiday is if the money coming in each month is the same as I can't be trusted with a holiday fund - I'd just use it!

Hope that makes sense!

Isyhan Thu 25-May-06 13:44:15

looneytune- if you increase your rate slightly and work out what you need based on 48 weeks then divide by 12 you will have an even amount each month. If you add in a vacancy factor e.g. out of all your slots you could fill how many are vacant and add that into your rate .

looneytune Thu 25-May-06 14:07:54

Bit confused (but then I'm not with it today anyway, feel very rough and ds got up at 3.30am!! ). I WILL have a nice even amount each month now as they have changed their standing orders to the new reduced amount. My question was about how to deal with the paperwork side of it.

I can't just change my rate like that. 4 of my mindees started between Feb and now and I can't just spring a rate increase on them. I'm going to do a letter soon telling them I will be increasing my rate at the end of this year/start of next.

Also not sure what you meant about the rate reflecting vacancies?? Do you mean it changes depending on how many vacancies I have at the time? I haven't actually got any vacancies but was curious what you meant anyway

Sorry if I sound really thick here - very foggy head!

Isyhan Thu 25-May-06 17:35:03

no its probably me. if you dont have vacancies its not an issue. you sound as though youve worked it through anyway so i dont want to confuse things.

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