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CM Club do you have set times for snacks?

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saltire Wed 24-May-06 09:29:30

I'm just wondering if other CM's have set times for snacks with your mindees, or do you just give them something as and when they need it?
i.e do you all sit down for snack at say 10am, or do you give them something at 9.15 when you get in from school, thenm something else later in the morning, 10.30 or when they ask for something else.

FeelingOld Wed 24-May-06 09:42:03

I tend to have set times or I find that they will eat all day long At all mealtimes, including snack times we all sit at the table and if they are not at the table they know we will not be eating.
Usually goes a bit like this (depending on what activities/groups we attend)
8am -breakfast
10/10.30 - snack
12.30/1 - lunch
3.30/4 - snack
5/5.15 - tea

looneytune Wed 24-May-06 09:45:14

me too

saltire Wed 24-May-06 10:01:56

I just wondered, as i'm finding my mindees are wanting food all the time. The 2 brothers i have arrive at 7.30 and the wee girls at 7.45, I always give them each a slice of toast, even though they have all had their breakfast.
Then at 10 - 10.30 we usually have snack time, and again about 2.30 before we go to school.
However i'm finding we are getting in from school and the wee girl (who i've had problems with in the past) is wanting snacks then, or wanting food of any description. Yesterday she lay on the floor having a tantrum for 10 minutes, because when we were in the shop, she saw me put a packet of Kit kat into my basket, and she wanted one when she got home. We always sit at the table for snack, and i had made them all a bowl of apple, banana and kiwi, which she threw away because she wanted the kit kat
The 2 brothers are fine, they have snacks at snack time and accept that but the wee girls isn't.
She arrives every morning having had her breakfast, and has a packet of crisps with her when she comes, then has the slice of toast, so i know she's not hungry.

looneytune Wed 24-May-06 10:34:14

How old is mindee? Do the parents know? You are right and she's just trying it on IMO!! If you haven't spoken to the parents, I would do! Not much advice as I haven't had this before (apart from ds who can just go on and have his tantrum! )

jellyjelly Wed 24-May-06 10:56:13

didnt you have a big eater before looney?

looneytune Wed 24-May-06 11:08:07

yeah but it was after school mainly, not all day. it was more the amount/what she ate that was the problem rather than eating at the right time. and she was 9 so didn't have tantrums, just tried it on a bit.

gotta go to nursery now

saltire Wed 24-May-06 11:08:53

The parents know she has the tantrum and tell me just to leave her, as long as she is safe.
However, she (the child) has a hell of a temper on her, and her mother gives into her over everything. Whereas i won't!

I had problems with her a while ago, she would take toys from the other children, and hit them till she got it. I used to take her out the room and give her time out, but then the mother would come to pick her up and ask the other children "give x the toy so she doesn't cry"!
fighting a losing battle i think

alison222 Wed 24-May-06 13:01:25

I too have set times for snacks and meals otherwise I would be feeding all day.
Also I make everyone sit down at the table to contain the mess. It's the only room (apart from kithen and bathroom) with no carpet.
I have a couple of fussy children who would eat bicuits and stuff all day if allowed, but have spoken to parents and give them fruit to fill up on first. No fruit then "oh dear obviously not hungry then"

goosey Wed 24-May-06 14:28:50

We have 'morning snacktime' and 'afternoon snacktime' where we go through the whole hand washing, getting plates out and sitting to the table routine. The time for these snacktimes varies though depending on what we are doing. Sometimes it's a good distraction to say 'who wants snacktime now?' if things are getting rowdy etc, or sometimes we might make snacktime into a light picnic by taking it with us if we go out.

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