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Bertini with extra toddler seat has finally given up the ghost; what next?

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Earthymama Mon 13-May-13 20:03:25

I have had a Bertini pushchair for many years with the toddler chair to adapt to double from single.

I have loved it and resisted change but the fold-down handle refuses to stay in place now so very, very irritating.

Can anyone recommend a single to double tandem please? I have had a Graco tandem in the past but found it very stiff and heavy.

I would prefer one pushchair because of limited space.

I had a lovely Mothercare side by side but couldn't get it through the front door blush

I don't want to pay too much and happy for second hand.

I have looked at Phil and Ted, Obaby and hauck, has anyone any experience of these?

mrsthomsontobe Mon 13-May-13 21:24:02

I have baby jogger city select. I love it but it was very expensive. You buy it as a single buggy then buy the additional seat. Not sure how much it Would be as at the time when I bought it as I got the carry cot parts and the adaptors for the car seat so tht my maxi cosy baby car seat could attach. Its a sturdy pram with big chunky wheels at back and smaller swivel wheels at front. The children can sit in various combinations facing each other, facing away from each other , forward facing etc . I love my pram also fold very flat , small frame when seats are off.

calmlychaotic Mon 13-May-13 21:50:40

Obaby is very heavy to push, I like the Phil and Ted.

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