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3 year old stuttering, Advice please

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DerbyshireNanny Sun 12-May-13 16:49:01

Hi everyone
I work as a nanny for two children. The eldest who is three has started stuttering on her words, this is only the first word of a sentence when asking questions.
Mb is worried about her, I have reassured her that it is common with this age and that with time it should disappear. That her mind is processing new langauge quicker than she is managing to string together the sentence she is wanting to say.
I have also suggested if she is still worried after a while she can speak to her health visitor.
Is there anything else i should be mentioning to MB to help her

Mummyoftwoangels Sun 12-May-13 17:11:04


My charge started stuttering at 3, he is very bright for his age, and is particularly ahead in his language skills. His mum was worried, and so we decided to go to the GP and get him a referral to a speech therapist! Our thinking was that the appointment would take time to come through, and if in the meantime, his speech improved. We could cancel the appointment!

He went to his appointment a few weeks ago, and we were told that his stutter wasn't too bad and would probably disappear on it's own.


Apparently it is better to have a child checked out, and for them to be in the system. Because children that have stutters sorted before 5 are less likely to have the problem as an adult! So my advice, although agree it's normal at this age, would be to get her into the system. Then if it improves on it's own, which 95% do, you just cancel the appointment!

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