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Parent made me cry!

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fivesacrowd Sat 11-May-13 20:59:08

Ok, shamelessly provocative title. Sibling mindees I've had for 2 years finished this week as gran has moved closer to help look after them. I got a lovely card with a message written by mindees who are now 5 & 3 and their mum wrote a note/reference which made me cry. They also gave me a necklace so that "every time I wear it I'll remember them". I posted a couple of months ago when a mindee I'd also had for 2 years left without even saying thank you so thought it was only fair that I shared this too!

mikkii Sat 11-May-13 21:01:50

It's nice to feel appreciated. Perhaps you could let them know you would be happy to babysit? It would let you stay in touch with them. My nanny took my two out a couple of times and also babysat for us. It was great as she knew them and our routine.

feelingfitter Sat 11-May-13 21:06:09

Aww five that's so lovely. smile

I'm a nanny and one of the most toughing comments I ever had in a reference was "feeling takes care of XXX exactly as I would which is the highest compliment I could pay her".

Presents and keepsakes are lovely, but, words mean so much more IMO

Lepreporn Sat 11-May-13 21:11:09

Oh that's a lovely thing to share. It's great to hear stories like that.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 11-May-13 22:19:59

Nice to feel and be appreciated smile

Mrscupcake23 Sun 12-May-13 10:17:23

How lovely.

eastmidlandsnightnanny Thu 16-May-13 16:41:55

aww nice to know appreciated.

brought our chidminders xmas presents and birthday presents from little one and they always seemed very surprised but why wouldnt we - its usually something small but chosen by my monkey (from a selection i show him otherwise it would be a fireman sam something or other!!)

anewyear Sat 18-May-13 07:17:42

I love Elephants
One of my parents last Xmas brought me a elephant in one of those snow (except it was gold glitter) globes things, really pretty, made me go all misty eyed.

5318008 Sat 18-May-13 09:31:59

Awww how lovely, heartwarming.

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