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Childmiders please help...

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chjlly Thu 18-May-06 22:32:14

I have always used a nursery but ds is starting school in Sept.
What should I look for, ask etc when talking to childminders?
What is an average hourly rate to pay? (I'm in Hampshire!)


badgerhead Fri 19-May-06 07:01:34

Hourly rates vary even in a county like Hants, but I would say between £3 & £4 an hour, with quite often a fixed 'session' fee for after schoolers.
Things to look out for, is how many other children, what ages, how do they get along together, & if your ds likes crafts etc, are they done, or if into just chilling out, will he be able to. Also what sort of snacks/tea will he be given. Are you going to need the c/m for the holidays as well, if so what does s/he do doing the days in the holidays, what sort of equipment & games etc has s/he got for the older children to use, & do they go on outings. If outings are involved how do they travel around & if s/he uses a car for transporting children make sure they have appropriate car seats & business class insurance.

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