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Some advice - extending my services (thank you)

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MUM2BLESS Fri 03-May-13 11:31:21

Hi Everyone

I recently said goodbye to three of my cm kids (sibling) sitll got five on my books . I am using the time to catch up on things. Over the years life has been very busy, at times too busy. I am thinking about provding more services and would like feedback on some questions.

1. Babysitting.

How is this charged? per hour or per child per hour?
Do you pay tax on the money earned?
What is involved? is it just supervising the children?

2. Emergency Childmidning.

How much approx per hour?
Who do you register with?

3. Bank Holidays

I have an idea of how much I will charge. Anyone doing this and is it with the parents that use your services or with people you do not know

4. My own website

I have never really had to advertise. Anyone with a website? how did you set it up? how much does it cost? what are the advantages?

I welcome any other comments on how you have exteneded your childcare services.

Thank you for your time, much appreciated. smile

HSMMaCM Fri 03-May-13 12:22:47

1. I don't do babysitting, but I do sometimes have my mindees at my house, for double time in the evenings and a flat rate overnight.
2. I've only been asked to do this once and it was for someone I knew, so I just charged my normal rate (as I had the space anyway).
3. I don't charge or work bank holidays, but I suppose if I did ... hmmmm ... if I thought everyone would just come along as normal, maybe my normal hourly rate, but it would probably just end up with one or two children coming, so maybe time and a half? I think some people charge normal rate if the children don't come and more if they do (up to double time???).
4. I can answer this one ... I have a website. It is a handy place for people who have seen my fence ad, or car ad, or seen us out and about to look up more details. Mine is with BT, but I don't think they're the cheapest. I set it up a long time ago, because I wanted a site that I could change and edit whenever I wanted, rather than getting someone else to do it for me. When people arrange to come and see me, I ask them to fill in the application form on the site and read all the FAQs before they come.

Don't stretch yourself too much by doing bank holidays and babysitting. I am really looking forward to this long weekend we are about to have and taking my DD and a friend to the beach.

MUM2BLESS Fri 03-May-13 13:12:48

Thanks HSMMaCM for your awesome advice.

I am at present looking at possibilities with my business

1. Babysitting. Would perhaps consider this on a fri or sat evening near to where I live. Just a thought. I could let the parents I deal with know what I am thinking of doing. still in thougt with this.

2. I will charge in advance (maybe a deposit) to avoid last min cancellation. May look at the website for this.

3. Never done a bh so far. If I do I will ask for a deposit to hold the place.

4. Love your idea of getting parents to fill in the online application and also the FAQ.

Don't stretch yourself too much by doing bank holidays and babysitting. thanks for that

I have worked long days in the past and I will not rush into anything but will give thought to what I take on. I know it will have an effect on my family so I choose carefully.

More comments welcomed.

lechatnoir Fri 03-May-13 13:40:17

My normal hourly rate is £6 but I charge £6.50/hr for both babysitting and emergency/ad hoc care - both min charge £20 plus non-regular children supply their own food.
On average I have 1 non-regular mindee a month & have 3 families who use this service all of which rely on grandparents for regular Childcare so call me when they're either on holiday, not well etc.

Babysitting -I have registered with sitters & a local agency plus 1 of my families uses me occasionally. Again average once a month but some months I'll be doing it once a week!

I much prefer having lower number of regular mindees then being able to pick & choose what extra work I do but it has take a good 6 months of prompting these services to get to the point where it's become regular enough to rely on.

MaryPoppinsBag Fri 03-May-13 16:45:31

I have a great website with Yola.
The first year was hosted free, then I've paid approx £18.00 for this years to be hosted.

I paid for my domain name the first year approx £6.99.
Then it was the same this year or not a great deal more.

It is could because parents can click on 'contact me' link and their message come straight through to my email on my iPhone.
If PM I will provide you with a link to my website.

Most parents gave looked at it before coming to see me. smile

MUM2BLESS Fri 03-May-13 20:12:08

Nice one.

Lechatnoir..... What area do you live in? I am in Hertfordshire. Do you have business cards? I will look at sitters. Thanks for that.

MaryPoppinsBag ..I will look at Yola. Is a domain name a user name, like we have on mn?

I have five kids on my books

Two before and after school (term time only)
One wednesday only if needed (term time)
One 3 days per week 2.00 til 5.30 (term/hols too)
One during hols (if needed)

Its amazing as I am enjoying some quiet and catch up time. I have time think about what I want to do with the business.

Is there a lot of advantages in having a website? It is hard to do it yourself?

Do you pay tax on money made during baby sitting?

Thanks for your time smile

Twinklestarstwinklestars Fri 03-May-13 20:35:49

Ui have a website through it was approximately £10 for the domain name and then £2.99 a month, mine is www.(my town name), I've had a few enquiries through it, its handy to put in leaflets etc so people can see what you offer.

MUM2BLESS Fri 03-May-13 20:51:23

Thanks Twinkle..... I will take a look at the website.

I have looked at sitters. Interesting stuff. I am not driving at the moment so I may need to look at transport to get me to wherever. I would probably do baby sitting in my local area firstly.

Has anyone got their car on a lease that they use for cm'ing (can you claim this as an expense) am I expecting too much?

NomDeClavier Fri 03-May-13 20:51:53

Yes you should pay tax on babysitting as it's all earned income.

Websites are quite easy to do but it can be worth getting someone to design it and then possibly someone to help you with content/basic social media marketing. A scrappy/cheap website with typos will do more damage to your business than not having one in the first place.

MaryPoppinsBag Fri 03-May-13 21:06:23

Domain name is your www. Address
E.g www.

Obviously have your business name as an address.

MUM2BLESS Fri 03-May-13 21:42:29

Thanks NomDeClavier - will look into this.

MaryPoppinsBag - Thanks also.

MUM2BLESS Sat 04-May-13 17:16:44

For those of you who do baby sitting service could I have some advice on the following:-

1. what do you charge per hour?
2. what do you do when babysitting
3. do you drive to the homes?
4. are you with an agency or did you set this up yourself?

Anything else to consider

Thanks x x

MUM2BLESS Sat 04-May-13 17:19:47

Sorry me again

Anyone else doing childminding plus overnight care? evening care? weekend care. What is that like?

T h a n k s

surfandturf Sun 05-May-13 07:26:48

Hi Mum2Bless, I do all the things you are considering;

Babysitting - I am in the south west and charge £5 per hour. This is quite cheap for this area but I only do it for families I already know. I did do some babysitting a few weeks ago for a family I didn't know well to help out a friend of a friend but it didn't go well. Children were very young and not asleep before parents left and just would not settle. I have learnt from this to just stick to families I know or charge more to people I don't! Babysitting is not like childminding. Once the bedtime routine is done and children are settled you can read a book or watch tv. I usually take my laptop top along and do some of my cm paperwork.

Weekends and bank holidays - I work occasional weekends and bank holidays but as I have young children of my own and enjoy spending time with my dh I won't do it on a regular basis and charge double my usual rate per hour. Then just work as you would any other day.

Overnight care - I am registered for overnight care but have never actually provided it yet. My prices for this are negotiable and it would depend on the child as to how much i would charge.

I couldn't do babysitting without my car - I wouldn't fancy walking home alone late at night. That said the babysitter I use for my own dc does not drive so she charges a lower rate. And either me or dh will not drink and drive her home after.

I have considered leasing a car in the past and I am sure you can put some of the cost through your business but i'm not sure exactly how much. Always put money earned babysitting through books - some even pay me using childcare vouchers!!!

MUM2BLESS Sun 05-May-13 18:32:05

Surfandturf nice one. You have been so helpful with sharing your experience. Thank you so much smile

I will consider the price if I do not know someone if baby sitting. Good advice. I can also understand having a car is vital. If you have to put it through the books what about teenagers who babysit? does it depend on your age or the fact that you are doing it as a business?

overnight care what have you got to consider for this. What is the rate charged? I am not too sure if I would do overnight stay.

Before and after school children you most people charge a higher rate? I can understand why cm have a min of 2 hrs. You cannot really go out with the kids becasue you are waiting for the parent to come.

I welcome more comments.

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