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Brilliant childminder

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allotmentgirl82 Thu 02-May-13 22:40:43

hi all
I have read so many doom and gloom threads on here about childminders, i just thought i'd write and tell you how wonderful mine is smile
She's a friend from college and we all love her and her family to bits.
She is a new childminder (registered in January) but used to be a nursery nurse- we both did the same course.
We both have babies-her DD just turned one and our DD is 9 months. They get on great which makes her day a lot easier. She also has a 7 yr old son,we have two boys aged 8 and 10.
We live about 15 miles from each other, but everyday she comes and picks up DD and takes her back to her house. DD loves her and smiles every time she sees her at the door. This makes it so much easier for me as I don't worry about her when I'm at work.
She does so many things with DD- she has done painting, making cakes, visits to the park,etc
Most of all she treats DD like her own daughter- giving lots of hugs and kisses.
I went back to work on the 15th April, but tax credits didn't pay me until the 30th. Childminder still took DD even though I couldn't pay her for two weeks.

We love our childminder so much we are treating her family of four to tea tomorrow night to say Thank you.

doughnut44 Thu 02-May-13 22:46:00

that's so good to hear. I minded my friends little one alongside my own and it worked perfectly x

calmlychaotic Fri 03-May-13 21:09:02

Thank you for this. You are right there has been a lot of negative recently and its so nice to hear a positive story.

anewyear Sat 04-May-13 08:43:54

Lovley post OP, How refreshing it is.
Can I come to tea too?

chookychooky Thu 09-May-13 20:46:52

Back to work since end March, work demands me to work 5 days so DS is on the waiting list for 5 full days in the nursery he is already attending since late March. Decided to quit my job because 5 full days in a nursery is too much (in my opinion) for this tender age. So looking for a good childminder who can take DS for a couple of days. Where is your childminder based? We live in N4, will it be possible to contact her?

Thank you.


ReetPetit Thu 09-May-13 21:59:20

chooky, this childminder could be anywhere in the country!! confused

best thing to do is contact your local fis or post in the local section for your area or try

MrsFrederickWentworth Thu 09-May-13 22:04:14

And I want to say that my childminder is so wonderful my Ds wrote an article about them !

Caitycat Fri 10-May-13 12:30:29

Thank you! I am pleased to hear such a positive story just before I start leaving my pfb with one. For anyone looking for a brilliant childminder I would recommend looking at your council's list of registered minders, ours does it by distance from your address (or work address) and links to Ofsted reports so it is really easy (and free)to see everyone in your area, we visited seven before we found "the one" and I really hope she turns out to be as good as she seems! Do keep visiting until you find the right one though -I was on the verge of using the "least bad" of the ones I'd seen and am so glad I kept looking!

allotmentgirl82 Sat 11-May-13 08:58:50

we live in preston, lancashire.

brainonastick Tue 14-May-13 20:38:00

Well my CM is so brilliant that DD1 wants to be a CM when she grows up! So ner grin

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