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Nanny share in East Finchley

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Elpis Sat 01-Jun-13 00:35:31

Hi Lisa. On the off-chance that you haven't already found someone and that you might be interested in 2-3 (short-ish) days work a week, do PM me. We live in N6 and I have a 4yo DD who'll be at school in September and a DS who will be turning 1. I plan to freelance from home and do DD's school run. Or maybe you'd like to work mornings only for us 5 days a week? Our previous nanny will vouch for us!

cinnamondanish Thu 02-May-13 20:12:53

Third musketeer need for nanny share in East Finchley.
Hello there,
I'm a full time professional nanny with 18 years experience, Ofsted registered, first aid and a clean driving licence.
I currently look after two lovely girls aged 4 and 7 in East Finchley. From September they will both be in full time school so we are looking for someone to join our happy group in a share.
Their parents will take them to school each morning so I will start the day at your house and do lots of fun things with your little one, along with any nanny related household duties. Then we will pick the girls up from school and spend the late afternoon at their house so they can do their homework and play. At the end of the day I can drop your little one back to you or you can pick up depending on what works better.
They live in a lovely big house with a big garden and lots of room. The girls are loving, polite and fun.
During the school holidays they are away for a lot of the time but for the days they aren't I would still start at your house in the morning but then we would be based at their house from 9.00 onwards.
This way you get a full time, professional nanny for most of the day to give your little one lots of attention and care and pay a fraction of the cost as my salary would be split between the two families.
If you are interested and live in or near East Finchley then drop me an email so we can discuss things further.
Look forward to hearing from you

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