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How/when do I interview a nanny?

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Murtette Tue 30-Apr-13 20:42:30

I have recently started looking for a nanny and a couple of people have responded who I like the sound of. I've now come up against the issue of when do I interview them. And how many stages should there be to the interview process? One of the nannies works full time so should DP & I meet her one evening and then, if we like the look of her, ask her back one weekend to meet the DC? And, if so, how long should the second meeting last and should I leave her with the DC (not in the house with them by herself but in the playroom or garden with them) to see how she gets on with them? DC are a baby and a pre-schooler so its not as if they're going to have any input on the process but I would like to see how any potential nanny gets on with them.

candr Tue 30-Apr-13 20:55:10

Hi, I was invited on a weekend to meet family. Had chat with parents and then the children (2,4) took me around the house, their bedrooms and garden so I could spend time with them - parents kept baby indoors. Had lunch with family and tried to see how they were with children and levels of behaviour they were prepared to accept (as I was interviewing them too of sorts!) and had further chat with family after lunch and without kids there. They had a chat after I had left and then offered me job after I had had time to think whether I would like to work for them. Came back and did trial month - stayed for 3 years and 9 years later am still good friends. Good luck.

nannynick Tue 30-Apr-13 21:23:35

Initially, identify suitable applicants from cv's submitted.
Then correspond with the couple of top choices, check they meet your minimum requirements.

I have had first interview with children present (one family the children were under1, 2 and 5). It was fine having interview with me sitting on the floor with toddlers interacting.

Suppose it depends on how you like to do things. Would you get any more info by meeting someone in person vs corresponding via phone and email? Sure you want to meet them eventually but when you meet them, what is it that you are trying to establish? How they get on with you and your children.

Meeting the children varies in length... I've had it start out as being an hour but then extending to include staying for lunch. Mind you, families I have interviewed with have not usually had many candidates to see, I highly suspect I was the only nanny they met.

Baby and toddler can have input, they will show if they are happy to be around someone. They may take a little time to warm up but once they have accepted a stranger in their house, they will interact with them if they decide they like the person.

Victoria2002 Tue 30-Apr-13 22:16:42

What nick said, plus my tip: I have been to do many interviews with parents who get carried away chatting about how delightful their kids are on going into a big explanation of the routine or whatever, and I think they forget to ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask testing questions eg 'how would you administer first aid to a scalded toddler' and questions to see if you have a similar approach eg: 'what would be you reaction if ds squabbles with a child at playgroup and they begin to fight' etc

OutragedFromLeeds Tue 30-Apr-13 23:50:44

In all of my interviews the children have been present for at least part of it. I think you do need time to talk to the nanny without the children present though. Maybe you could interview her around nap time, so she can meet the children first, but then they can go off for a sleep while you chat. Or get DH or a friend to take them out for an hour so you get a chance to chat.

I've always interviewed during the day either taking a day off work or on the weekend.

In all of my jobs I've spent extra time with them before starting. Sometimes as a second interview before being offered the job. Sometimes after being offered the job, but before actually starting, a kind of pre-trial period trial (sometimes at my request). I've had weekend long interviews (where the job is live-in).

I see what Nick is saying about choosing someone that the baby/toddler like, but really babies are not great judges of character so do go with the person who seems best, even if they're not the one the baby instantly warms to!

5alive4life Wed 01-May-13 07:51:06

i met the parents on a sat am,whilst the kids watched a dvd (age 2 and 3) we chatted. I then met for about 15 min. They went off to swimming class (think they planned this incase I was horrid and they needed an excuse to get away). They offered me the job on the spot and I started exactly 2 yrs ago today and have no plans to leave anytime soon.

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