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Childminders Club: Ever had problems with parents not supplying what they should?

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looneytune Thu 18-May-06 07:38:28


Baby arrived this morning with no:

Socks or tights, so nothing for her feet (luckily I have some socks hanging around from when ds was a baby)
Dessert (always has yoghurt or something)
Change of bottoms in case have accident/sick or something

I don't mind the socks thing as this is the first time it's happened, same goes for the desserts (well, just once before). But for several weeks, the bag has been packed with a pack of wipes that's almost empty (I have baby for 11¾ hrs so need much more) and today there is no packet. Also on lots of occasions there have been no spare trousers to change into if needed.

I really didn't mind the odd occasions but it's getting more regular. Now my own ds is out of nappies, I hardly have any wipes around, I certainly don't have a spare packet to put in the changing bag for today - need to go to the shop now but it will cut short the todder group (which I only get a short time of due to nursery run). I may also need to buy some yoghurts for her meals as I have just enough for the others today (shopping tomorrow).

Have any of you had these problems? I don't want to sound petty but it's in the contract what needs to be supplied and I expect parents to forget things at times but this is more than that. I'm now having to change my plans to drive down to the local supermarket.

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 07:57:51

I would just tell them that the bag needs to have this and it has been missing which makes your day very hard. Tell them what has been missing.

They cant expect you to provide it and if you do they might think that its fine to leave the bag that way as you provide what is missing or that it sint a big deal. Have had this on a few occassions but i think the parents just dont know.

I keep a spare set in my bag now for this reason as i dont want to be kept in because they forgot to provide the right stuff.

Twiglett Thu 18-May-06 08:00:15

buy the disposable stuff .. yogurt / wipes .. and present them with a receipt

tell them there was no change of clothes and they need to bring an outfit to leave at your house

FrannytheGazelle Thu 18-May-06 08:13:07

I would make it clear that this was not ok straight away. It is one thing being flexible and helpful but IME this will lead to the things being 'forgotten' every time and you simmering with resentment. It sounds petty but this sort of thing is normally the thin end of the wedge. It wasn't just the money, Twig, it's the fact looneytune has to go out of her way to shop. Another rather evil solution is to get loads of packs in and then just charge them the full whack every time they do it, of course. I think they might soon 'remember'.

Bozza Thu 18-May-06 08:41:12

I know it's not just the money - but I do think twig has a point and that the receipt might act as a reminder and point out that looneytune is not prepared to be taken for a ride.

moondog Thu 18-May-06 08:44:39

Looney,am shocked that you have charge of a baby for sooooo long!!!

(And no,it's not on)

Booh Thu 18-May-06 08:58:12

All the time - but it is never the same parents!

One Monday one little boy arrived with no shoes - he is almost 2 and loves to walk every where so spent the day in DD's wellies!

I would just write a reminder and pop it in the bag of what you need everyday, and maybe suggest that they pack it the night before. As from the hours that you have the baby I expect that they get to you very early and may not have time to sort the bag out in the morning!

Is the baby full time? As they could send packs of nappies / wipes for you to keep at your house and maybe a few changes of outfits?

AUBINA Thu 18-May-06 10:17:07

I mind a baby of 5 months and I ask the mother to bring a big bag of nappies/several packets of wet wipes at the beginning. Then when I have used over half I ask for replacements, this means I never get low.

Having said that they forget other things! Once they brought the buggy and didn't bring the rain hood so I had to balance a spare double buggy one on top. Why do thay take it off the buggy, its no use anywhere else and with our climate you never know when it is going to rain.

Isyhan Thu 18-May-06 10:45:47

get the wipes on this occasion then charge them not only for wipes but travel cost to get them. that should stop it. stick that in any future agreement a bit like a late fee arrangement.

looneytune Thu 18-May-06 11:05:33

Thanks everyone. Just got back from the shops, silly me picked the pram with a dodgy wheel

Anyway, I have brought what is needed and a few bits for myself whilst I was there. I think I will INSIST that they provide bulk nappies/wipes as this is what I always wanted but she seemed to prefer to do it daily in her own change bag. Was fine when things weren't forgotten but I've also had times when I thought 'no way will 5 nappies last nearly 12 hrs' so I've spread out nappy changes which isn't good when teething and suffering nappy rash!

I started having mindee once a week (that's why I agreed to the early start), now it's 2 days and in 2 weeks I start 3 days a week so I think this justify's having a supply

I must toughen up as so far I've never charged the last payment fee or late collection fee (and both of these have happened).

I'm doing newsletter soon and will bring all my problem points up (in a nice way, but firm - well I'll try ) and try and start running this as a proper business without me being soft!!!

Out of time - school run!

Bozza Thu 18-May-06 11:35:52

looneytune - if the baby is with you for 35 hr/wk I think this justifies leaving supplies. My children have gone to nursery and I have always sent in an Huggies Economy pack of nappies at a time. And a pack of wipes as requested. Who needs the extra faff of sorting out half a dozen nappies each morning?

moondog Thu 18-May-06 13:59:40

Yes,get tough looney.
It's business,not bloody charity.
They'll respect you more for it too.

looneytune Thu 18-May-06 14:48:43


I hate this part of the job! But you're all right so I'll definitely try!

fireflyfairy2 Thu 18-May-06 15:18:57

I leave a pack of nappies and a few packs of wipes in a lidded box with a change of clothes in it at my c/minders house. He also has his wellies, a coat and a winter hat so if I forget any of these things they are already there. The only thing I have to remember most days is his bottle of milk, even then the minder has told me to bring a litre up on a Monday morning and leave an empty bottle for her to use!! C/minders are truly in a league of their own and mine is amazing!

looneytune Thu 18-May-06 16:12:54

Well, let's hope when I ask this time, she doesn't mind!

Actually, I'm not asking am I - I telling!

nightowl Thu 18-May-06 16:34:16

it must be really annoying looneytune. i must admit though, having been on the other side, i am absolutely rubbish when it comes to remembering things (i never did it on purpose, im very absent minded) so i made arrangements with my childminder to leave certain things with her (like full pack of nappies and several packs of wipes) then she could let me know when she needed more supplies. no fuss for her and none for me either. same with the clothes change.

looneytune Thu 18-May-06 16:39:39

That's all I want, hopefully she'll be ok about it

alison222 Thu 18-May-06 18:15:52

I'm the same as most here. i have a packet of nappies for each child here, and one parent who is forgetful leaves a bag of clothes the other one has a child who's nappies regularly leak - (but mum wants to use the boidegradable ones so I have to put up with it) so i get a bag of fresh clothes left each day. i have deliberately kept one or two things from my own children in a selection of sizes for emergencies but the nappy and wipe thing would have annoyed me.
Ans having seen this thread i'm off to warn mindees mum i only have 2 nappies left forgot to tell her when she was here.

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