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CM Club - Dealing with a 'nasty' chilminder?

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Booh Wed 17-May-06 12:35:07

Right then, I really do not know how to deal with this..........there is a CM in my village that I see all the time, and is in direct competition with me. But she is sssooooo nosey and nasty it is untrue and normally it doesn't get to me, but it has got to the point were it is starting to really p** me off!

Today at toddler group, she always come over and asks how many children I have with me......well I only had DD today, one at nursery, two on hols, but it isn't any of her business so I didn't tell her, just brushed her off with a comment of enjoying a nice peaceful day! She always wants to know what I am doing, how busy I am etc etc, and I really don't want to share that information........or confidential info regarding my mindees, or me. She wanted to know how come I could have twins under one, and three others all under the age of 2 1/2.......well luv I have been a nanny for triplets from the age of 2 weeks for three years so my current broad are nothing!!

What do I do? or do I sound petty?

Crackle Wed 17-May-06 12:56:26

Are you a registered childminder or a nanny? I could understand why she would query your ratios if you are a childminder.

Is there a different toddler group that you could go to if she bothers you so much?

Isyhan Wed 17-May-06 13:23:50

theres no excuse for being nasty but if I was at toddler group and a cmder was there with that many under 5s Id probably be asking the same Im afraid. Not to spite you but just to know if ofsted were allowing one rule for one and another rule for someone else. I dont think its a matter of how competent you are really more are you meeting the standards.

Twiglett Wed 17-May-06 13:32:29

if you are a childminder though you wouldn't be allowed to have that number of children ... 3 under 5's (1 of which under 1 .. possibly 2 if approved) includes your own child ..

if you are looking after kids in your house and aren't a registered childminder then what you are doing is illegal

maybe she's just trying to suss you out .. rather than being nasty she's concerned about the legality of your childcare provision.. whether rightly or wrongly

of course if you're a nanny in someone else's house there's no legislation (sadly)

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