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CM club- personal accident insurance

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Isyhan Wed 17-May-06 09:54:11

Yesterday I spoke to a cmder who is packing in due to a back injury whilst minding. I called her to buy her toys from her. She advised me to take out personal accident insurance incase I cannot work as she regrets not doing this now. Has anyone any advise on this?

looneytune Wed 17-May-06 10:04:33

No but Theprisoner suffers with her back so may be able to advise later?

Isyhan Wed 17-May-06 10:13:53

cheers looneytune. sorry re response to other thread. touchy subject for me this week. I got a call from school asking to pick my oldest daughter up shes 6 as she was poorly. she had been sat on her own for two hours. so I got there I asked her what was the matter and she said she needed a poo!that was the problem. I know your problem was quite different.

looneytune Wed 17-May-06 10:40:06

No problem, just didn't want to look like the sort who phones about every little thing. I've never sent a child home yet, once my longest mindee had such a bad streamy cold and was crying lots - I had to shut the curtains in the lounge to take the light away and cuddle up on the sofa and have a video day. If I had other mindees I would have had to call for her to be sent home but luckily my ds likes video days

Hope your dd is feeling better after a poo

jellyjelly Wed 17-May-06 12:18:09

I wish i had taken out some sort of insurance as i was out of work from christmas till 3 weeks ago and i couldtn get any benefits at all, nothing. And we are not rich before those comments come. I really wish i had something to ease the pain but they only pay out after about 3 months off so it has to be pretty major to get moeny back.

Would it not be better to get a savings plan that you pay into evry month/week and use as a backup if unavailable for work?

ayla99 Wed 17-May-06 12:25:05

swimming pool rules vary - one we go to its only one non-swimmer per adult, another says no more than 2 under eights per adult.

ayla99 Wed 17-May-06 12:25:10

swimming pool rules vary - one we go to its only one non-swimmer per adult, another says no more than 2 under eights per adult.

ThePrisoner Wed 17-May-06 23:19:53

Oooh ... I feel important! I've been mentioned by name!

Yes, I have a grotty time with my back (mostly lower back/pelvis and neck). I don't know anything about personal accident insurance though, but would certainly never get it now with my history!! I've dislocated my pelvis (or whatever it is that "goes") badly on two occasions, but am in some discomfort now most of the time. God, don't I sound like a right misery.

I see a chiropractor very regularly but, apparently, can't claim the cost on my expenses because it is a "self-inflicted injury" (ie. my choice, ha ha). She says that it is specifically my job that is now causing the problems because there is no "break" from lifting/carrying that you would normally get if they were your own children - they get bigger, you don't carry them.

I am probably much much older than all you lot so I've got a pretty knackered body anyway, and have been minding for 12 years. I also know of a couple of minders who've given up because of bad backs. Unfortunately, I love my job and will probably still be doing it when I invest in an electric wheelchair (my chiropractor gets very cross with me now for making jokes like that, she wants me to retire gracefully).

So, none of that helps answer your question at all Isyhan - sorry! I wonder if you can get insurance cover for something that is likely to cause you problems anyway? I'd be interested to know so I can tell all the new minders locally.

Isyhan Thu 18-May-06 08:08:10

Im sure i would be able to get cover. Im a nurse and that is high risk but I could still get insurance as long as i dont have a back problem now I think?? As with nursing they say it's how you lift. Ha Ha!!

Isyhan Thu 18-May-06 17:10:31

Found a personal accident insurance plan on Mortonmichel site. For a premium of £30 they would pay out £100 per week. Its purely for childminders.If I was totally disabled permanently, lost limb, lost sight £10,000. That seems fair to me. The trouble with just putting into a savings account is that it would be my money alone I was spending. I can do that aswell.

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 17:40:01

check and see if they would only pay out after a certain amount of time.

ThePrisoner Thu 18-May-06 17:41:50

Think it might be a bit late for me then ...

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 17:49:04

and me

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