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Help me decide what to do.

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exiledmancityfan Wed 24-Apr-13 14:49:51

I have 2 DSs one 7 months and the other 8.10yrs and I am looking at nurseries and CM but finding it difficult to pkace the 2 DCs with tge same provider IYSWIM. how much roughly would a nanny cost per day for the 2 and how do I go about finding one?

nannynick Wed 24-Apr-13 17:45:59

How long is a day? 7am-7pm?
Are you wanting total cost or just nannies gross salary?
City location or town/village? Cities, esp London can mean higher wage.
Woukd nanny need to drive, who provides car, what sort of weekly mileage?

Very very ballpark: £150ish per day. Need more info.

exiledmancityfan Wed 24-Apr-13 17:51:46

I live in West Yorkshire and a day would be 8am until 6.30pm with the occasional overtime. DS1 outside school hours as he walks to school on his own but would be required to be picked up from school. School Holidays and Inset days. Possibly taking to after school activites such as Football Training and Swimming. DS2 would be all day and again I would expect her to take him swimming and to groups to socialise him. Would be all year with Xmas off and bank holdiays plus 3 other weeks to be mutually agreed.

exiledmancityfan Wed 24-Apr-13 20:17:43

Should also say that we would pay milage but would expect her to have her own car as we need both ours for work and this would only be for swimming, after school activities and trips out during the holidays. Other than that they can walk everywhere or catch the train if they want to as we live in a large(ish) village

nannynick Thu 25-Apr-13 09:18:50

Yorkshire may be lower than some other areas (like London) but I would suspect that nannies may be rarer and so salary will need to be sufficient to attract someone. You may find someone starting out would accept £8 gross, whilst someone experienced would expect to be paid £10.

Why occasional overtime? Make sure the working hours allows some overlap time, so should you run 10 mins late it does not impact on the nannies working hours. If you want evening babysitting on occasion which follows on directly from the working day that is fine, subject to enough notice and your nanny being willing to do it.

Holiday entitlement looks too low to me, though you have not quantified 'xmas off'. Minimum entitlement is 5.6 weeks (28 days, if someone works 5 days per week).

So 52.5 hours per week, at say £10 gross an hour = 27,375 per year.
Employers NI (2013/14) = 2715
Activities budget: hard to know, some things you may pay for in advance like swimming lessons/football training. However other things are payg, such as toddler groups, general swimming. Then you have trips in school holidays, visiting a castle, museum, countryside walk (ice cream at the cafe?). Generally I say £5 per day... so £25 per week for 46 weeks = 1150. Train tickets in my experience are horribly expensive these days, though maybe just where I live. So if taking train a lot, may need to add on cost for that.
Get a feel for what you spend in a typical week. Track all the things you pay for relating to them... from toddler group, to a pair of school trousers. It's often the small things that add up, that coffee at the cafe, the Thomas magazine, the biscuit/cake from the bakers, small amount of fruit, carton of drink.

Mileage, £0.45 per mile. Hard to know what mileage would be done, I do around 3000 a year of work miles, though if they can walk a lot of places, then it is likely to be less. Maybe say cost of £1000, so a bit over 2200 miles.

Payroll admin, £130 perhaps, unless you do it yourself.

So up to £32,370. Nannies birthday present, xmas present. Misc costs (heating/lighting at home that may not be used if no one was at home, or any other costs that may crop up) so maybe call it £33,000 for your budgeting.

The main cost is salary, so if you can get someone to agree to 9 gross an hour rather than 10 gross, then that will affect the figures a lot.

exiledmancityfan Thu 25-Apr-13 09:48:05

Thanks. The Xmas off will be the 2 weeks of the school holidays and the overtime is only occasional as I am an event manager so I am expected to work some late nights and DH is sometimes away with work. That gives me a good idea and something to work on. I now need to find an agency.

nannynick Thu 25-Apr-13 12:48:41

You do not need an agency, though you can if you like.
Nanny jobs are often advertised on and plus local listings sites like

There is lots of info in this section of Mumsnet about recruiting a nanny should you decide to do it yourself.

Of my last 3 nanny jobs, two were via agencies, one was via the internet (nannyselect). However I am in the south east where there are lots of agencies.

As you want live-out, you want someone local ish... Probably within 10 miles. So think about local advertising places.

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