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Children show off whenever new parent visit

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Suzycb Wed 24-Apr-13 09:37:52

How do you respond to children showing off so much and not responding to anything I asked? Their behaviours which surprise me b'cos they never behave this way generally. Shock! I think this might be what's been putting parent off even getting back to me. I'm losing sleep over how to solve this ongoing issue. Filling my availability.

mindingalongtime Wed 24-Apr-13 09:59:31

I always interview without minded children present, giving them all the information and then if the prospective clients are interested they can come back at a later date and I choose the day carefully as some mindies are more demanding! I always explain that my first priority is the children and their needs come first, I normally just do an activity with them as usual a bit like Ofsted really!

I also keep it very short as it is not fair on the mindies to have lots of prospective clients interrupting their routine and taking your attention away from them, having said that, mine have always been fabulous when visitors come.

Good luck!

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