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Top notch Nanny Agencies?

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Emmiedarling Sat 20-Apr-13 16:13:57

I know Norland is one... Anymore high end agencies?

mrswishywashy Sat 20-Apr-13 16:51:35

I'm not sure what you mean by high end? Most of the agencies will have a range of clients from part time lower end of the scale pay to high profile, high security, high paid, seven day care.

My top rated agencies that I've worked with for over 8 years are:
Occasional and Permanent Nannies
Imperial Nannies

I believe there is a surplus of agencies out there and not all good. A good agency should be both supportive of the client and nanny and should also have information on paying tax and writing contracts.

Best bet is to ring and talk with nationwide and local to you agencies and see who has the best communication skills as you need someone to listen to your needs.

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