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Grants to start up

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kpnuts2006 Mon 15-May-06 17:28:53

Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows if there is any grants available to start off childminding for equipment etc. Many thanks

jellyjelly Mon 15-May-06 17:47:07

yes contact sure start you should be told about it on your pre reg course but not every borough offers it.

looneytune Mon 15-May-06 17:58:09

My Early Years team / CIS told me at my briefing but you should be able to call and ask. I got more than the standard in my area as they were short of childminders in my village but I think the standard was £250?

Isyhan Mon 15-May-06 18:10:25

Yes but I only get a stairgate, fireguard , smoke alarms, quality start pack from NCMA, fee for medical check. Its very specific.

jellyjelly Mon 15-May-06 18:11:25

200 when i got set up was the norm but other parts got 500

LoveMyGirls Mon 15-May-06 19:52:02

i thought the grant ended on the 31st march? i got £200.

lexiemum Mon 15-May-06 22:23:40

one of the cm's I visited got a £5K grant and built an extension to her house - the grant was something to do with childcare provided in underdeprived areas and linked to lottery - sorry can't be more specific. Was just flabbergasted as this extension alone would have put £15K on her house!

jellyjelly Tue 16-May-06 09:51:15

but one sign of the coin is that she will get capital gains or some sort of tax on it when she moves.

kpnuts2006 Tue 16-May-06 15:23:42

So is the grant from the early years for specific things such as stairgates etc. Been in touch with the lottery fund and they advised that they can only offer grants to none profit making businesses and that childminder was a profit making business. Its just that i only have the very basic that i need and was hoping for a capital to perhaps make alterations on my front room (the room that i am going to dedicate just to the children) and to purchase all the equipment that i need. Would have thought that there would have been more help out there!! Still looking though! Many thanks everyone

jellyjelly Tue 16-May-06 17:41:11

I am guessing that thety wont allow it as you might setup or be running well and then close after you get the money. My local early yrs has made people pay back the grant money if they arent working wihtin a certain time to stop this as there was alot of it happening.

bambi06 Tue 16-May-06 18:11:52

i got £400 as it was classed as an underpriveledged area!

looneytune Tue 16-May-06 18:39:51

I got between £450 and £500 (can't actually remember ) and this was due to me being in a 'deprived' area (I used to think it meant I lived in a dump but then found out it meant we were short of childminders!)

kpnuts2006 Tue 16-May-06 22:00:21

Do u need to apply for the grant or is it kind of an automatic thing once you are registered?

jellyjelly Tue 16-May-06 22:08:09

you need to apply, keep your recipts for everything and then it normally gets reimmubursed. (well it did with mine)Try and use the full amount as you normally get one go at it.

looneytune Wed 17-May-06 09:45:54

Ours was sorted at the briefing. They had to wait until they were reg'd to get the money back (so kept receipts) however I got mine upfront due to being the deprived area and I HAD to spend it asap, basically had to be gone by the time I got my certificate!

Isyhan Wed 17-May-06 09:52:15

I get a voucher apparently for stairgate, fireguard which I take to Mothercare. I had to send my receipt in for medical check and have just been reimbursed. I know there is another grant in Leeds if you live within certain postcodes but Im not in one of those.

kpnuts2006 Sat 27-May-06 13:18:20

Leximum, do you know how u mentioned the lottery fund, i spoke to them and they said that grants arent available because i will be charging for my services and therefore it will be a profit making business. I have also seen childminders advising on their websites. Advertising "New Opportunites funding scheme" Really confused!!!!!!!!!!!

pol26 Sat 27-May-06 20:46:14

I got three hundred pounds but used £125 for my NCMA pack and the rest had already been spent, as have to provide receipts of purchases before they will issue the money.
Our grants were £300 for 'normal' areas and £600 for regenreation areas.

looneytune Mon 29-May-06 18:11:36

Not sure if this is of any use but I've been tidying up paperwork and just come across a letter. It was from our council asking telling us about funding they had for play projects. This website was given and it said to go into FUNDING PROGRAMMES then CHILDRENS PLAY.

I haven't got time to look at this myself but thought I'd post the info on here!


lottiesmummy Mon 29-May-06 22:41:57

Where I live in South Herts we don't see any of the grant its used for the ICP course First aid etc etc and membership to NCMA and 1st yr free insurance

the rest is up to us to provide

kpnuts2006 Sun 04-Jun-06 17:20:07

Thanks looneytune! Thanks for the link but i have already spoke to them and they said because i will be charging for my services, i will be classed as a profit making business and they only provide grants for non-profiting making business. Hardly going to be turning over £1 million a year am i? HA HA

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