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New Toddler 1st day

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ifmamaainthappy Thu 18-Apr-13 09:56:12

Advice please, a new 15 month Toddlers 1st day, hes finding it hard to settle, hes only coming 1 day a week, i normally do a group activity today, but im just wondering should i stay at HOME TO HELP HIM WITH HIS NEW SURROUNDING??, he has cried so much ( which is fine Mom said he would sad) i've got toys out, and just put he tv on to see if this would make a difference shock which has stopped him crying, he's glued to it, (i get the feeling he watches alot as he settled so much, What should i do/ what would you do, i cant have the TV on all day my other mindees are happy smileplaying never had a little one cry as much sad

ifmamaainthappy Thu 18-Apr-13 12:21:28

We left the TV on for 15 minutes then went a walk, he fell asleep in the pram and has been asleep for the last hour lets hope hes happier when he wakes hmm

Flisspaps Thu 18-Apr-13 12:25:31

I would go about your normal day tbh - he needs to settle into your normal routine, rather than staying in today watching TV and then being unsettled next week when you go to your group. It's to be expected that he might be out of sorts for the first few sessions though.

LemonBreeland Thu 18-Apr-13 12:28:58

Try and make it normal, as he will need to get used to it. If he is only coming one day a week it will take him a lot longer to settle. It is a long time inbetween seeing you for a lo. Bitter experience of DS2 only going to nursery one day a week.

minderjinx Thu 18-Apr-13 13:06:45

I have a new baby today who normally sleeps 9am to 10 (or so I am told) but absolutely would NOT go down for a nap here - probably a bit too excited or nervous - so I gave up and we went to playgroup. She then of course went to sleep in the buggy for about 25 mins and the same on the way home. I think that will just have to do. I think if you have several children's needs to cater for you just have to do what you can. After all, if they had older siblings they would have to fit in with the famiy's comings and goings.l

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