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Take care of family members child

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mrsslc Wed 17-Apr-13 19:25:46

Ok. Just a bit of a moan really. Look after a relatives little boy while she works ( no problem with this, glad to help out) BUT there are a couple of things that stress me and I don't want to cause trouble or anything.
Baby has quite bad ecxma ( that doesn't look right, how's it speltwink) to the point where even strangers comment on it- face /neck so visible. I have said many times that drs would be advisable as w clearly isn't helping (that's what they send to use)
They haven't done this 'it's worse some days than others.' And nothing else gets done or said.
Also, he comes at 8am ish, and is regularly in his night time nappy. Not being dressed is one thing, but nappy.... Well wink trouble is, how many times can I mention these things before they actually listen or we fall out ( which could probably happen soon TBH cause they just aren't listening, this is their child's health were talking about)
confused I know I need to perhaps be a bit more firm about things, but I love having him over and know what his parents are like if people 'stick their nose in '

mrsslc Wed 17-Apr-13 19:26:48

As sudocream clearly isn't helping *

HSMMaCM Wed 17-Apr-13 21:39:54

Social services will be sticking their nose in if they don't seek medical help when needed and don't take care of their child's basic hygiene needs.

mrsslc Thu 18-Apr-13 07:24:41

Hi....that's exactly what I keep thinking. If he went to a childminder or nursery, they would be reported. I wonder if they only do it cause they think nothing will get said? He's usually much better dressed when with them than the clothes he's sent here with too, very much looks like they want to 'impress' when he's taken out by his parents but it doesn't matter when he's here. My sister often says 'tell them your going out n can't have him seen like that' but I feel bad! Clean clothes, just way too small! Going to have a chat today as he's coming over later.

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