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Expenses receipts for nanny - and other paperwork

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OverAndAbove Tue 16-Apr-13 18:15:09

Can anyone advise please, whether I need to keep receipts for things that I've reimbursed my nanny for? I mean things she's bought out of the "float", car park tickets, odd bits of food, that kind of thing. The nanny writes it down in a book which is all fine, but there's a small mountain of bits of paper. Do I need to keep them all?

Also what other paper work do you keep? I use nannytax so all the payslips etc are digital, and the quarterly payments etc. I pay cash for mileage but not taxable; that's all in the book. I need to get organised. Do HMRC ever need to see the small stuff? Thanks.

nannynick Wed 17-Apr-13 13:22:22

Up to you what you keep I think with regard to misc expenses.
I would keep the mileage log, as you need the number of miles and amount paid for that year. If you use a payroll company, they will ask you for the mileage details on the end of year paperwork.

OverAndAbove Wed 17-Apr-13 19:33:41

Thanks for that - yes I've done the end of year declaration, which asks for an approximate figure for mileage (it will only ever be 100 miles per month or so) but will keep the log then. I have stuck all the receipts in a couple of large envelopes so I think I'll file those maybe for a year or so. Delighted that the rest is all digital; I hate paper!

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