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Many many questions!

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wavesandsmiles Tue 16-Apr-13 09:53:36

My notsoDH left a few weeks ago, I'm expecting our baby at the end of July. His departure has thrown childcare plans for this much wanted and planned for baby into disarray! As such, my plan now is to get a live in nanny/mothers help to look after the baby probably 3.5 days per week (waiting for confirmation of changed working hours on my return to work in December) and to look after my older DCs after school 3 days a week, and probably see them off to school 4 days.

I have no idea what to pay, and how to find someone. Certainly cannot afford agency fees at the moment.... I'm not mainland uk but channel islands, so the mumsnet local advertising idea won't work ( nothing on ours )

I don't know if the proposed hours are too much/little, but as my hours will be fixed, I guess that there would be regular times to do other work? I could do with some pointers on whether this looks like a workable idea, and how to find someone. So much else going on, not least ongoing Hyperemesis, any advice would be gratefully received!

oscarwilde Tue 16-Apr-13 11:15:22

Sorry to hear that - it sounds like a really stressful situation to be in.
I would advertise the role locally. You may well find that a local nursery worker may be looking to go part time or is on mat leave and wants to return to work but on reduced hours and your opportunity may appeal.
I know that there are restrictions on employing people from outside the Channel islands so it may be worth talking to a local agency just to pick their brains on the hazards. Don't let them show you any CV's though as they could legitimately charge you a fee if you can't prove that an individual applied to you beforehand.
£10 per hour Net is the going rate in centralish London. We didn't advertise the rate and just asked "what are your salary expectations" at interview.

nannynick Tue 16-Apr-13 13:13:00

In Apr2012 survey, average for accredited nanny on Jersey was 10.83 per hour excluding employers social security. See the nannies page on Jeresy Child Care Trust website.

Would you need an acredited nanny?
Are you living in Jersey? It may help to know which island you are on as there may be differences in legislation.

Looks to me that you do not need an Employers License as the role is home based. Do check with Population Office and maybe they can tell you about recruiting staff from outside of the channel islands.

wavesandsmiles Tue 16-Apr-13 14:34:39

I'm in Guernsey, so a little different to Jersey. I've looked into housing laws and seems it would be fine to have anyone from uk/overseas provided they live in the house with us. It's hard to do all this research, am at hospital daily to keep Hyperemesis under control, so trying to plan ahead as far as possible. Thanks for the help so far

nannynick Tue 16-Apr-13 21:59:36

This is from Social Security and provides some information about employing someone. It mentions Domestic Help and Aupairs, though only very briefly. At the moment I would guess you are looking at 35 hours, probably more of childcare per week, so an aupair is not going to be an option, so see section on Domestic Help.

Guernsey: Employing Staff
Did Housing Control say that the nanny does not need a Right to Work Document as long as they live with you and not anywhere else?
Looks like you can recruit from British, EEA, Swiss nationals.

Info about ETI Scheme. It says "The ETI Scheme applies to all employers except private householders who employ domestic staff, although (with the agreement of their domestic staff) private householders may elect to operate the ETI Scheme."
May be worth talking to a local accountant about this, including what it may cost for them to operate the scheme for you (if that is permitted).
In England we have nanny payroll companies who sort this sort of thing out but as you are in Guernsey I doubt you could use them, thus needing to find someone local who can help with taxation and social security side of things.

Domestic staff in a private Open Market Part A house - whatever that means... do you live in an Open Markets Part A house? If so, that webpage and associated document are worth reading. Looks like there are fees involved, though I can not work out what the fee would be. Housing Control with luck will be able to tell you.

Found this jobs board which is for nannies and childminders in Guernsey.
May be useful if you decide that having someone who already lives on the island, possibly working for you as a live-out nanny. Nannies Guernsey - list of nannies in guernsey, so again may be suitable for finding someone live-out, though maybe some of them would consider live-in.

Do you need live-in? Once the hours are determined, the hours may suit someone already living near you, perhaps someone with their own child (if you would consider that).

Alas I do not live in Guernsey and thus I am only able to Google for things, so try talking to people on the island... is there anyone local to you already employing a nanny - perhaps you have met a nanny collecting from school, would their employer chat to you about recruiting and employing a nanny?

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