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Struggling getting my head around CYPOP5!

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mummy2l Mon 08-Apr-13 16:10:30

Hello! I'm currently working my way through CYPOP5 but I'm finding i'm dragging my feet a bit with it as I'm struggling to work out what I need to write and in how much depth. I have a degree and have studied before but i'm struggling to figure out what exactly they are looking for. I submitted task 1 a while ago but I've not had any marks back yet. I'm worried I may be over complicating it. I'd really appreciate some words of wisdom from those who have completed it smile

SouthernPolish Thu 18-Apr-13 18:09:43

Hi there - did mine between Oct and Dec last year. Really struggled to get my head round it! I have 9 O Levels, 3 A Levels and a degree and could not make head nor tail of CYPOP5...

Basically - I quoted and rephrased Sheila R. L. all the time! Literally wrote each assignment by reading the book, doing a bit of Internet research and then, laboriously, regurgitating the info.

Most of my assignments were about 9 pages of text. My course assessor was very good and we had a loooong chat about it. She explained that she was looking for list of certain phrases, which would confirm I understood the course. You could take screen shots or make notes on the training pages and rehash them as well.

Personally, having done ICP before, I thought CYPOP5 was rubbish! Nothing beats a proper 'face to face' course. Makes me shudder to think that the government will be funding CYPOP5 online training for unemployed mums by September.

You are not alone - loads of people struggle to complete it within 3 months. 6 months more realistic.

Buffty Thu 18-Apr-13 20:09:12

I've just finished it and have only just got my head around how to do the tasks as they're so vague. Are you doing it with PACEY?

My assessor was really good and answered questions I had about the tasks. I basically read the relevant chapters of the textbook and regurgitated them. If you look at each task there are a list of objectives you need to fulfill. Mine weren't ridiculously long and I think it is easy to over think them.

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