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Hiring a nanny/mother's help - first steps?

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podmumlet Mon 08-Apr-13 10:13:09

I am really confused as to whether it is better to pay an agency (NannyTax or any other?) to do my new nanny's taxes and payroll or whether it would be better to work with HMRC directly myself?

To be honest, money is a concern, so if it is at all doable by one sleep-deprived SAHM to do the paperwork, I am happy to give it a go. But I am absolutely clueless about which option would be better and where to begin...?

The lady that will be working with us has just got her NI number, and does 12 hours for us in the mornings, and has another job assisting a childminder after school. Not sure what this all means for her tax bracket or what the tax arrangement is with the other employer.....

Money and time is tight, so I thought I would ask here for some help and pointers in the right direction..

Very many thanks!

pinkpeony Mon 08-Apr-13 21:23:44

I tried to do it myself when I hired my first nanny, but found it all very confusing and inevitably ended up getting the numbers wrong. Ended up going with an agency who corrected it all for me. The agency costs about £115 per year, and saves far more than that in headache of trying to figure it out all by myself. I use PAYE for Nannies and am very happy with them. Plus the tax rules have all just changed and apparently the system has become more complicated. The agency will advise you what to do if the nanny has other jobs as well (if you agree a gross salary with her, it shouldn't make any difference to the cost to you, but calculating her taxes can be complicated).

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