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childminder lunch breaks

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calmlychaotic Sun 07-Apr-13 09:58:36

So childminders, guessing you all fell over laughing at the title of this thread! I have had raised eyebrows or shouldn't you be doing that in your own time comments several times when I have been 'caught' doing something not work related. Physio appointment, getting our evening meal ready, putting washing on etc. I work with an assistant and the way I see it we both get a 20 min ish lunch break, most children are sleeping at lunch time, if we have any awake they can do some drawing or reading or something or watch a dvd. If children are not settling for sleep or we have several a awake we simply don't get a break, and that's fine I'm not complaining.
I don't see the problem, I usually spend my break if I get one grabbing a sandwich and running round cleaning the house but just occasionally I do take and use my lunch break as break. The physio appointment took an hour. Am I being unreasonable here? I have just had someone on another thread say please don't tell me you are cleaning your house while you are being paid to look after children, said I should be doing this in my own time. When I mentioned to a parent I had my evening meal ready and I had prepared it in the slow cooker at lunchtime they said I had been skiving off, and they weren't joking!

calmlychaotic Sun 07-Apr-13 20:56:39

I wasn't a childminder back then I should add!

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