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Filipino Au Pair - complete newbie to Au Pair world!

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fatarse Fri 05-Apr-13 13:33:12

I've been approached by a Filipino lady on an Au Pair site and she sounds great (and is happy/experienced with Special needs which is something we absolutely need for DD2 who is complicated and is a bit older than the 17 year olds we are getting lots of applications for plus has experience). I don't know the legalities of Au pairs from non-EU regions (we've never had an Au Pair before). Our DD1 is beginning school in September and really the role will be give DD1 breakfast if needed and drop off at school (2 mins walk) in the morning and a bit of light housework during school hours, then pick up and make a small meal for her and take to the park for an hour or play in the afternoon until we get back home. This would only be 3 maybe 4 days a week as we are at home the other days. Then I would like 1 full day of cleaning. DD2 will stay with her current childcare, but for emergency childcare, when she is ill then would be good to have someone to help look after her with myself to allow me to get some work done at home. Does anyone have any advice or clear guidance on inviting a Filipino as an Au Pair?

Callthemidlife Fri 05-Apr-13 13:46:06

Yes. I can give guidance.

You can't do it.

EU au pairs do not need a visa
Commonwealth au pairs can usually get a visa, usually for two years
Some commonwealth au pairs can get ancestral visas for up to 5 years.

Some enterprising gals who don't fit in this bucket will combine au pairing with studying at proper (full-time) educational establishment but are then restricted in the hours they are legally allowed to work. They have to prove their place and independent means of funding themselves before they travel.

So bottom line is only enter dialogue with applicants from EU/commonwealth countries.

And it's Filipina, by the way, not Filipino.

fatarse Fri 05-Apr-13 14:33:25

ok thank you - as I mentioned I have never had any experience of this. I am not familiar with Philippines language or terminology - her email said Filipino. What a shame as she sounded great and had worked with a family who had a special needs child.

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