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Not sure what to go for!

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SpectorL Tue 02-Apr-13 18:22:14

Just after I started my maternity leave (September) my CM told me she was retiring and the children left in December. I'm going back to work in 2 months and need to find childcare- now!

Contacted local childminders- either in the region of £90-100 a day, or won't take my 5 year old DD and 3 year old DS to the nursery they go to.

So the options are looking like a Nanny or an Aupair. We were initially attracted to getting an Aupair because they aren't as expensive- but they have little experience I believe, won't be checked etc and can't look after children under 2? (we have a DD who is 6 months old). Don't think we could afford a Nanny on our own- and then my friend suggested looking for a Nanny share.

Can anyone tell me a bit more about them? I believe you share a Nanny with another family and split the cost? But i'm really not sure. We only can afford to pay some about £7.50 an hour which must include tax etc. DD is at full time school and DS is at nursery every afternoon so will mostly be our 6 month old full time and DD in school holidays/DS in mornings and bank holidays etc.

We are in Catford (SE London)

OutragedFromLeeds Tue 02-Apr-13 19:03:59

Tbh it sounds like you're in a bit of a fix.

You're not going to find a good and qualified/experienced nanny for £7.50 an hour in London. Going rate is about £13ph gross. I doubt you would find any nanny willing to work for £7.50 an hour.

An au pair is supposed to work 25 hours a week. They can look after small babies, it's up to you to decide, but it's not recommended.

A nanny-share could work. It's unusual to do a share when you have three children as you would need to find someone with one child willing to share with your 3. This could be hard. It would also probably mean that you would pay 75% and they would pay 25%. Nannies doing nanny shares normally earn a bit extra, say £14ph, so even then you're looking at paying £10.50 an hour and that's before employers NI etc.

nannynick Tue 02-Apr-13 22:27:39

How much are childminders in your area... a quick search reveals £4.50/£5 per hour, per child, though I only found a couple who gave any cost details so it could well vary more than that.

You have three children, two of whom are under 5, so you will be paying £100+ per day I would have thought.

£7.50 an hour to include everything is too low... I doubt you would find anyone prepared to care for your children at that rate, even if they did not have all three children at the same time all day.

A nanny share would be complicated, as you have 3 children and adding more into that will create issues with regard to transportation and equipment at your home, plus space consideration at your home. As Outraged says, finding someone with just one child to share with may work but you would not get much of a saving.

Nanny to work bank holidays, that may cost you more... some nannies may expect to be off work on bank holidays.

Could a combination of nursery and childminder work? Your baby plus DS in fulltime nursery, your daughter with a childminder before/after school and in school holidays. Problem though, cost... I expect it would be quite a lot.

Look at your budget for childcare, is it realistic?

A nanny who just cares for your children may well be possible but not at £7.50 an hour all inclusive. Your DS could still attend nursery but only for government funded sessions I suggest, to keep your cost down. Nanny could care for baby, DS and do before/after school care of DD. They could also do some light housework, such as children's laundry - which with 3 children will become a mountain in no time.

A full time, live out nanny (50 hours a week), could easily cost you £30,000 a year... probably more given you are in London.

A live-in nanny (or au-pair) could be a bit less but you are then having to provide a room and food/drink 7 days a week. You will lose the small amount of privacy you get at evening and weekends when having a live-out nanny. If you go for an au-pair, they probably will not have the baby experience and may well not be able to care for a baby all day long... it's hard work as you already know yourself.

A live-in nanny may be your lowest cost option, getting someone who is perhaps early on in their nannying experience, yet who you feel you can trust to care for your baby. However, their salary as a live-in nanny could easily be £350 gross per week, so costing you around £20,000 (including Employers NI) before you add in the other costs such as outings/activities, providing their board and lodgings, providing a car for them to drive perhaps!

NannyGR Wed 03-Apr-13 08:41:28

What about putting 6 month old in with a childminder and get an aupair who can then do school/nursery drop offs and pick ups, and I'm sure you could find a aupair capable of having your 3yr old in the morning before nursery.

ReetPetit Wed 03-Apr-13 13:33:03

do you mean £7.50 per hour per child or in total? if in total, your only option would be as NannyGR says - a cm for baby and an au pair or before/after school club for others - you are still going to find it impossible to do this for £7.50 all in. Cms in your area are likely to be charging around £7/£8 an hour per child with a possible slight reduction for a day rate, I would estimate £50 a day for the baby.

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