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My 14 year old child would like to babysit

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Gingergabs Mon 01-Apr-13 13:56:55

My 14 year old girl is looking for bit of work within our area, in places like Bradford, Halifax, and Calderdale really. She is very hard working and currently in year nine at school. She loves kids and seems to have a way with them, so does anyone know anywhere looking for work, or anyone?

It doesn't even have to be babysitting, she has wrote a little C.V, and is willing to work in most places for little pay.

Gabrielle Wright

GotMyGoat Mon 01-Apr-13 13:58:43

I think the mumsnet rules have changed and you would need to put this in your mumsnet local site.

Good luck to her! It's good to see a good work ethic.

chickensaladagain Mon 01-Apr-13 14:01:59

it's lovely that she wants to earn some money for herself but there is no way I would use a 14 yo babysitter I found on line

have you tried asking around the local area where she would know someone personally and be able to build up a list of references?

Have a look on netmums or if you have younger children perhaps their friends?

see if youth work or school nurse are running any babysitting courses

I have run them with a colleague in schools for 13-18yr olds and although not accredited they always look good and we have recommend £2.50-£5 an hr dependant on age, previous experience and the fact they have now completed the babysitting course.

we have agreed with our childminders 17yr old to babysit from 8.15pm-10.30pm we will pay her £10 (toddler in bed and we will be at pub for dinner 10mins walk away) and she was more than pleased with that, we actually havent booked her since asking for one reason and another.

nannynick Mon 01-Apr-13 17:09:34

Volunteering at youth groups can be a way to get to know local families, such as helping with Rainbows/Brownies, Beavers/Cubs etc. However they may not accept volunteers under age 16 but worth asking, especially if she is already a member of an older section of the group. Once children know your daughter and once parents also get to know her a bit, they may then be prepared to trust her to babysit.

Start local... like next door neighbours. Build up the experience while remaining within a short distance of home.

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