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Would this be an aceptable vaccancy for a nanny?

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lifeishunkydory Mon 01-Apr-13 12:30:37

We live in the North West. I am looking for a nanny for three of my children, two are at school full time and the other is at nursery for 5 half days a week. I work four days a week and these can be spread over mon-sun, however we would only require 4 days a week over mon-fri but the one day off may be different every week.
The hours would be 7.30-18.00, however the nanny would be free between 09.00 and 11.45 until september and then during the day after then, when all three are in full time school.
I have seen posts on here stating there is a lack of jobs around but would these hours be acceptable and how much would I expect to pay in my area?
Does anyone currently have a nanny who has so much free time during the day and how does this work?

Justine202 Thu 11-Apr-13 21:00:23

Could you use a childminder for the morning school runs and then employ a nanny for after school hours (say 3 - 7) for term times and full time holidays? May suit someone who is perhaps at college and has the school day commitment but is available full time during the holidays.

Please everyone else, I haven't been a nanny or employed a nanny so if what I am suggesting is abhorrent to a nanny/childcare worker don't shoot!

I'm just trying to think of the most cost effective way, particularly once your children are full time at school. Just seems to me paying £8-10 ph for 6 hours when your nanny isn't actively engaged in looking after your children is a bit of a waste of money. But again, just telling it as I see it!

holidaysarenice Sat 13-Apr-13 05:13:24

I think that expecting five days pay for four days work is having a laugh. Many people work on a rota/shifts and have varying days off. Think nurses/doctors they don't get a full time salary for a four day week.

The op is offering a part time job, so it should have part time pay. If the nanny needs full time hours/pay then its not suitable for them.

Personally if possible I would use two different arrangements, one for morning and one for after school, they no problems with in_between hours.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 13-Apr-13 11:17:08

Part time pay is fine as long as the days stay the same so that The nanny can find work on the other day if needed

If the op needs the nanny to work all days of the week over time then she needs to pay for 5 days so that she has the availability

As I said if she could guarantee same 4 days then this is a real bonus as 4 day jobs are nice smile

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