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fellow cm's help please.

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moogy1a Sun 31-Mar-13 09:59:14

Right, got OFSTED coming on Friday. Some twat reported me for the children apparently not being warm enough. Complete bollox and still can't figure out who it was and more importantly why ( they have about 20 layers on in this weather and I constantly give them my own kids' clothes when parents drop them off in summer dresses and sandals )but that's by the by for now ( till I find out who it was of course....)
I think I have everything ready. there's been a bit of writing up of observations etc. done over the weekend, ie. all sodding weekend wasted on it. But need an opinion:
I've got obs. and assessments for each child every 2 months or so. Do you think that's enough? I'm going to say that I know where they are in their development ( which I do) and the assessments are linked to the development matters age grid. Do you think that's ok?
I also don't do written planning as it's pointless when our plans change so often. Each obs. has a next step and that's it. I will note down what I'm planning on doing in the next few weeks but will explain that usually it's in my head to accommodate child led activities and change of plans. Again, does this sound ok?
Communication with others: I have questionnaires from the parents, newsletters from nursery, link to nursery class page which updates every few weeks to keep me informed what they're up to. I also make a note each observation of anyhting significant said by nursery / parent. Parents are also emailed a photo and short note about once a week showing child having fun. OK? I know they're very hot on this so am prepared for them to say it's nowhere near enough but I'm not going to start suggesting to parents what they should do at home 'cos I find that patronising and frankly none of my business.
Most importantly,, any good tips??

ReetPetit Sun 31-Mar-13 17:16:53

why are they coming out to you? because of the complaint or to do an inspection, or both?

if it's because of the complaint, then I would think they would just want to check basic welfare requirements. what you are doing sounds fine and more than adequate.

fwiw, i recently had my ofsted and was told not to worry too much about observations/planning - it would all be done away with soon anyway, tbh, i think they were become more lax about it rather than more strict.

any idea why someone would report you? seems a malicious thing to do. sorry you are going through this sad

moogy1a Sun 31-Mar-13 17:54:54

Apparently if anyone complains about you it triggers a full inspection.
No idea who reported me or why. The inspector just said my children were wearing "inapproprits clothing" and when I quizzed her said there had been a report they were't dressed warm enough. I'm fuming tbh but trying to concentrate on the inspection rather than dwelling on it. ( which I will do after Friday.). And yes, it can't be anything other than malicious 'cos it's just not true.
There's some very unpleasant people around.
Thanks for the moral support, and it sounds like they don't expect reams of planning anymore.

ReetPetit Sun 31-Mar-13 19:23:39

god,thats awful - sounds like a jealous cm or maybe a parent of an ex mindee? have you had any problems with anyone recently? some people are so petty - i don't really notice what other peoples children are wearing tbh, unless of course they are running around in summer clothes - but i would put that down to the parent/carer rather than you.

try not to worry, you have nothing to hide so just be confident. most ofsted inspectors would know that it is probably malicious - and as for planning etc, i don't think it is a requirement to have written plans - my inspector said it wasn't anyway!! Good luck, let me know how it goes smile

fudgesmummy Mon 01-Apr-13 18:06:45

3 weeks ago I had an ofsted inspector turn up on my door step unannounced following a malicious complaint to them about me. The (very long) list was from one anonymous c**t coward and included the claim that I had been seen physically punishing a child by grabbing them round the neck sad
She said at the beginning that she wasn't there to carry out an inspection just to investigate the complaints. 3 long very upsetting hours later she left saying that the visit would trigger a full inspection (4 years since last one so due anyway) but have had not yet had a call.

moogy1a Mon 01-Apr-13 18:32:26

You know, it really pees me off that there's no comeback for these people making malicious complaints. Do you think they realise how upsetting it is and the fact we can lose our income? I'm getting more and more annoyed about it. It's so unfair.
on the plus side, I have a questionnaire back from a mindees mum with the most lovely letter with it saying how happy her lo is here and she'd be lost without me. I'm sure that'll count for nothing though against some tosser with a grudge.

fudgesmummy Mon 01-Apr-13 18:51:31

yes moogy1a it really is our word against theirs, luckily the inspector choose to believe me this time but it scares me to death that they might not if there is a next time

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