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I think I'm going to have to give up nannying =(

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TheSeventhHorcrux Sat 30-Mar-13 23:41:55

There seem to be no jobs!

Even with 6 years of childcare experience plus qualifications I'm not really getting any interviews (I had plenty last year) and the jobs that are being offered are offensive joke jobs that want you to look after 3 children plus full housekeeping, 60 hours + a week over 6 days for £210 a week gross (true story!)

I'm on all of the sites, registered with 4 agencies and check gumtree etc every evening - nadda.

On top of this, I've spent the last year being abused by mental families who treated me like a slave (I had a real life Devil Wears Prada job at one point) and even though I LOVE my job I think I'm going to have to pack it in and look for an office job locally.

=( it's a sad realisation!

ConfusedPixie Tue 23-Apr-13 18:32:04

I am not arguing that fact sunshine and am very aware of it, however many parents down here do not see the need to employ nannies when there are nannies happy to be self employed, whether it is legal or not.

sunshinenanny Tue 23-Apr-13 17:16:30

An aquaintance of mine found out when she left a job that the employer had not been registering for tax and insurance.

Guess what! The nice men at the inland revenue went through all the employers financial affairs and those of her husband. They were made to pay all the back tax and bring My aquaintance's NI up to date and they were threatened with prosecution.

There is plenty of documentation on employing nannies and it is made quite clear we are considered to be employees not self employed.

ConfusedPixie Sat 20-Apr-13 22:55:36

"legally nannies cannot be self employed!" Many parents (and nannies) refuse to believe otherwise!

I posted about it a few weeks back and a parent hinted on that thread that they didn't pay full tax due to a nanny wanting more cash in hand. As I've said on here before one of my bosses still doesn't believe that they need to employ me and think that I am scared of doing my own tax assessments and don't want the hassle, no matter how much I explain they still think that I have the wrong end of the stick. They do employ me though, I made it clear that I wouldn't work for them unless they did and I'm very grateful that they took me on and actually employed me legally as I could have shafted myself and them with that!

sunshinenanny Sat 20-Apr-13 21:50:44

legally nannies cannot be self employed! so the parents are leaving themselves open to prosecution by the tax office.

sunshinenanny Sat 20-Apr-13 21:46:25

Snap blondes! my ideal job these days would be 3 fairly long days but not many about in my area.

I've also done the very long hours 5 days a week but around my area it's quite hard to find anything over 2 days for 1 employer and I do need to work at least 3 days.

ConfusedPixie Sat 20-Apr-13 18:16:06

shock That's mental! Through gumtree though I'm guessing?!

catmadcaz Sat 20-Apr-13 17:05:28

I had an interview last week for a nanny position and they had 150 applications!!!! They invited 10 for interview.

This was for 3 days a week.

No didn't get get the job

ConfusedPixie Sat 20-Apr-13 17:02:06

have you managed to get an interview or two OP?

I'm dreading this. I think both of jobs are going to end by Christmas and I'm just going to have to go for office jobs as there is a huge amount of girls willing to work for £6-8ph self employed and an equal amount of parents wanting to pay less and not be employers.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 20-Apr-13 17:01:33

welovegrapes - shame you arent near me, not many 3 days jobs near me, and i want to work 3 days, dont mind 4 but not 5

all seem to be 5 days and long hours - i dont want to work 60hrs a week, i did it for 15years and i want a life now

Mrscupcake23 Sat 20-Apr-13 16:51:14

Surely if you are a trained professional nanny you would not do cleaning.

Trouble is now the cleaner and the nanny job is rolled into one. Years ago everyone had a nanny and a separate cleaner and people employed proper nannies not au pairs .

sunshinenanny Sat 20-Apr-13 16:24:55

Welovegrapes I would be interested to know where you are situated1

And yes there are a lot of employers who think they can offer joke jobs and get an all singing all dancing nanny for a pittanceangry but I just think a lot of people go for nurseries and childminders now.hmm

forevergreek Fri 19-Apr-13 18:25:12

Have you ha many long term positions? That seems the key ATM.

I also nanny but my shortest job has been 3 years. Usually 5+. A choppy cv with a few months here and there can be off putting unless
Maternity positions

WouldBeHarrietVane Thu 18-Apr-13 08:21:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rgguider Thu 18-Apr-13 00:51:20

i am also looking for work and even if they are jobs people get a high influx of applications and i was reading an artical that is was mainly Europeans that were getting the jobs and uk people were finding it difficult

No worries n good luck.

TheSeventhHorcrux Mon 01-Apr-13 16:53:57

Thanks, eastmidlands smile
I never really look for positions locally as most of them seem to be PT, but that link was great! (have applied to 3 positions!)

in general I think in leicestershire the nanny job market has all gone quiet even as a night nanny I havent had as much work this past financial year as the year before but mine is only a top-up to my normal day job and a bit of a hobby (sounds sad but love night nannying!!)

There are lots of Midlands jobs on as well

I am in leicestershire - would you not work in leicestershire or surrounding?

two best agencies I have found are and both amazing independantly run and both nannies and families get an excellent personal service from them.

iluvkids Sun 31-Mar-13 15:51:20

There's a few well paid live in central London jobs on atm

TheSeventhHorcrux Sun 31-Mar-13 15:40:13

Ie. I have £120 a week fixed costs wherever I go plus living costs in London (if live out)

TheSeventhHorcrux Sun 31-Mar-13 15:38:58

I'm in Leicestershire but normally work in London - easy to find accomadation for live out and a lot of live in jobs.

Don't think I could do two PT jobs where I am; I'd have to move to London and keep my fingers crossed that I could find two jobs locally that fit. It's a bit risky really. May end up having to do that though.

My main problem is that I still have to pay for the house in Leicestershire - so when I'm live out in London in paying London rent plus paying joint payments here (OH and pets)

Welovegrapes Sun 31-Mar-13 14:39:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redwellybluewelly Sun 31-Mar-13 14:38:01

Xif I am allowed to ask whereabouts are you in the country?

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