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Hourly cost for just graduated nursery nurse?

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baileyslover Sat 30-Mar-13 20:12:40

Been lucky enough to have a student placed with me for 2 days a week in term time to help with my 8month old triplets and 2 1/2yr old DS. She is doing a 2 year nursery nurse/childcare course. She finishes in May, and no possible replacement until the new school year.
I know she will be looking for a full time job, but know she isn't sure yet in what field so hasn't applied for anything.
Was wondering about hiring her for the summer 2 days a week to help me out, but wasn't sure ofhow much to offer. She would not be in sole charge of them, but it would really help me get out and about. Obviously if she got a full time job then she could stop with minimal notice.
Any thoughts?

nannynick Sat 30-Mar-13 20:43:34

In a nursery she may get £16,000 a year... maybe more/less depending on location. If she wants to be a nanny, then she could expect to earn more.

You could start on a bit higher than NMW (the amount will depend on their age) and then increase it over time if they stay in the position. Doing 2 days a week for you, ideally with some occasions of sole charge, would give them something to put on their CV to get a full-time nanny job, if nannying was something they wanted to do.

Come May, how much does she need to earn? She may have bills to pay, or may have a rent contribution if still with her parents. She may have some idea of what she needs to earn, so chat about it... what sort of salary would she be wanting?

As of April 6th 2013, I think the Lower Earning Limit for NICs rises to £109 per week. So if it was their only job and you paid less than £109, you would not need to register as an employer.

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